What Are The Festive Months In Russia? Get To Know Here!

When is the great time to visit Russia? Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world because it borders the North Pole. Visiting Russia in the winter will be very special moment, that is a challenge for you. You can feel the coldest place in Russia, which is definitely an experience you will […]

7 Famous facts about White sea, Russia

Is there another sea that you do not even know in Russia? Do you know White sea is exist? Do you still unbelieve with this sea that named by color? Do you want to know why its called White sea? Well, too much questions would not paid your curiosity. We have to give you more […]

Suitable Clothes To Wear During Spring In Russia

Do you plan to go to Russia? Do you plan to vacation or work in Russia in the spring? If your answer is yes, maybe this article will help you to find suitable clothes to wear during spring in Russia. ABOUT SPRING IN RUSSIA Russia is the largest country in the world. The largest area […]

5 Surprising facts of Caspian Sea, Russia

Russia is circle by sea. Do you want to know about Russia more? On the whole area which are east,west,north,and south is sea. Let us add your knowledge more about Russia’s sea. We would like to give you a brief explanation about all of Russia’s sea. But for now, Lets start with Caspian sea. Have […]

5 Breathtaking Facts of Avacha Bay of Russia

Do you have a plan to travel Russia? Are you interesting to explore more to nature in Russia? Well, we give you the exactly answer.  Russia have a nature that can explore.  Nature that does not only about ice and freeze. Its  all  about crystal clear natuire. The river,bay, small island, habitat of rare mammals, […]

How to Get a Driving license in Russia for Foreigners

Are you planning to live in Russia? Do you need to use private transportations for your activities there? Then one of the most important things you have to concern about is driving license. Driving license is an official declaration that stated you are eligible to drive on roads. Every country has its own policy on […]

Top 7 Best Guest House in Russia that Feels Like Home

Various of hotels are built to cater perfectly to traveller’s needs. Some travellers might find it necessary to stay in best and easy hotel to reach in Russia that are perfect for tourist, but then some might prefer friendly budget hotels in Moscow for tourist that’s good enough to cater for their needs. Hotel, hostel, […]

Do’s And Dont’s In Moscow For Beginner Travelers

Russia is the largest country in the world that has a variety of beautiful destinations. Russia has many things that tourists want. This is what makes Russia increasingly popular among travelers around the world. They can enjoy art and history with satisfaction in this red bear country. Russia also has a share of beautiful souvenirs […]

5 Prohibited Things To Do That Make You Get Arrested In Russia

Russia is a country with a million charms. There are so many destinations in Russia that make tourists interested in visiting the largest country in the world. Not only its natural beauty, cities in Russia are also very beautiful with a very comfortable atmosphere. Besides that, education, history and art also exist in Russia. if […]

Let’s Take A Peek Into Nizhny Novgorod Nightlife

Russia is one of the countries famous for the beauty of its cities. Besides Moscow and St. Peterseburg, Nizhny Novgorod is a city that is also famous for its beauty. Lots of favorite tourist destinations in this city. You can find all types of destinations in this city. Especially if you are a lover of […]