9 Best Russian Holidays in A Year

Every nation has its own special days marked as national holidays where everyone gets to have a break and celebrate the important day together with their fellow citizens. The most common holidays are Independence Day and religious holiday. Russia, being a very old country with a long history and rich diversity, has a long list […]

List of Festivals you Can Attend in Kolomna

Festivals in Kolomna are held very differently and usually gather a lot of spectators and participants. And which festival would you visit – a classical music festival or a film festival? Or maybe you have long dreamed of attending a festival of rare gastronomy? You can find information about these and other events in this […]

Street Food Festival in Russia During Holiday in 2020

People say if you want to experience the culture of the land, then the festival season is where you need to be. Russia is no exception, especially with the four seasons in the vast region. There are probably more festivals there in any other place in the world.  No wonder, many travellers also check out […]

Russian Religious Festival Day; What Are the Preparations?

Do you like to come or join in celebrating a festival? What kind of festival have you participated in? What are some things you do when you enjoy festivals in your home country? There are many types of festivals held in each country in the world. Each of these countries have their own reasons why […]

Let’s Celebrate Month of July in Russia With These Beautiful Festivals!

Russia is a country famous for its global festivals. Almost every month Russia holds an interesting festival. In certain months, some festivals are very festive. For example when easter, new year, and summer. Summer is almost here. That means many summer festivals are ready to be held. What are the Russian festivals in July? Let’s celebrate […]

What Are The Festive Months In Russia? Get To Know Here!

When is the great time to visit Russia? Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world because it borders the North Pole. Visiting Russia in the winter will be very special moment, that is a challenge for you. You can feel the coldest place in Russia, which is definitely an experience you will […]