The Russian Rag Dolls Are So Unique. Do You Know Why?

Everything traditional and ethnic is always beautiful because it shows a lot about a country’s identity. Start from the food to the dance and music. Russia has some of the most popular folk arts in the world that a lot of people desire to collect such as Gzhel porcelain, Matryoshka dolls, Tula Samovar, Vologda Lace, […]

4 Kinds of Russian Handicrafts for Your Special Ones

Birthdays, holidays, other special occasions, and “just because” moments are usually served as momentum to give a present to someone you deem special. There is just something very endearing as well as meaningful about a present that you took the time to consider and buy. It becomes all the more special when the present is […]

7 Russian Tradition Handicraft That Still Exist

Russia is known to have a lot of beautiful traditional handicrafts. Tourists who come to Russia intentionally buy these handicrafts for souvenirs when they will return to their home countries. These souvenirs will certainly remind them about Russia. Of the many kinds of traditional handicrafts in Russia, there are some that still exist today and […]

The Modern-Classy Russian Folk Art in 2019

There are a lot of forms of folk art such as paper tearing, embroidery, shadow play, and carving. Each practice used to be loved by royalty and common people alike back in ancient times. However, in today’s age, science and technology have sped up so fast that the world is all about change. People are […]

5 Differences between Lomonosov and Gzhel Porcelains

The majority of people would call porcelain as “China” because it was where the first porcelain in the world was manufactured. But, did you know that Russia is actually very popular with high quality porcelains too? A lot of people who travel there would return with a tea set or figurines made of Russia’s finest […]

What Are the Differences Between the Nesting Doll and Matryoshka Doll?

Do you like collecting souvenirs in the country you are visiting? If so, maybe you also need to collect Matryoshka dolls. You can find Matryoshka dolls if you visit Russia. This is a typical doll from there. Matryoshka is a unique doll because there are dolls inside the doll. The images in this doll also […]

Perfect Gift In Russia? You May Like “Palekh”

When you are thinking about Russia, what kind of gifts come to your mind? Authentic Matryoshka dolls, of course. Gorgeous Russian shawls, another popular option. But what if someone need to present some high-end gifts with more personal touch for business partners, colleagues, and family friends? For a perfect gift in Russia, you may like […]

11 Facts of Nevalyashka Dolls, Perfect gift for your children

Russian toys can be a perfect gift that makes your children happy. There’s a list of dolls and toys you can choose. If it’s a gift for Christmas, read here for inspiration.  However, almost nothing can beat the classic and vintage Nevalyashka. One of the most legendary toys in Russia, almost every child who grew […]

10 Legendary Russian toys that you must immediately have

Russia has toys that will capture anyone’s heart, young or old. Not only children, but you can also purchase one for your own amusement. Russia has some unique toys, from the world popular Matryoshka to the less known Nevalyashka (However, Nevalyashka is very popular in Russia especially in Soviet time). What are those Russian toys? […]

10 Most Favorite Wooden Toys From Russia That You Would Love

Who says toys are only for children. Adults can have a toy too, especially an exotic Russian toy. If you’re visiting Russia and looking for souvenirs, Russian wooden toys can be a perfect choice. There are many you can choose, and you’ll also help the environment since wooden toys, unlike plastic ones, are recyclable. Wooden […]