Dolgan Language, Belongs to Who Lives in The Middle of The River

All languages in each country in the world certainly have their own characteristics. The characteristics and uniqueness of the language that makes people able to recognize and at the same time know where the language comes from when someone says it. Maybe it’s because of the uniqueness of each language that makes many people want […]

What You Need to Know About Ugric Languages

If we are talking about the language, of course there are many types of language are applied in each country. It could even be that one country has more than 5 different languages. There is also a language which is an absorption of languages that exist in other countries. Through language, we can get to […]

10 Funny Russian Idioms Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Learning the Russian language doesn’t have to be stressful all the time. If Russian grammatical rules stressed you out, it’s time to take a break and have fun. But it doesn’t mean stopping altogether from your Russian learning. You merely shift, and it’s time to learn the fun part of Russian Language. One of the […]

6 Best Books to Improve Your Russian Grammar With

More and more people today find that learning languages other than their first ones is actually important. Boundaries between nations are getting thinner and thinner that connecting with people from other places around the world has become way easier than, say, ten years ago. This fact is influenced by technology, mostly. Internet has made things […]

Check Your Russian Grammar with These 5 Sites

Language is one of the most ancient things in the world. Humans had started to figure out ways to communicate since the earliest time when they learned that they could share the same thought intentionally. Since then, thousands of languages have been formed around the world both culturally and scientifically. Some languages could be very […]

9 Exclamations In Russia: How To Impress Locals

There are so many ways you can impress a local. Here we are speaking specifically about Russian people. What are the things that impress Russian people specifically? Universal things such as kindness and generosity will work well. However, we can also try to impress them by showing mastery in the Russian language. It shows that […]

Cannot Afford Russian Dictionary? Here Are 7 Best Online Dictionary

When you’re learning a language, one of the most important steps is knowing the vocabulary. We can argue that it’s the basis of learning a language. You simply have to know the words. Because those words are what turn into sentences. Vocabulary is the basic foundations of any language. After mastering enough vocabulary, that’s when […]

7 Most Recommended Russian Cartoons to Watch for Language Learners

Hello learners! Learning a new language is always challenging, isn’t it? You might want to start learning Russian language for a number of reasons, whether you’re planning to just visit Russia for your summer holiday,  or perhaps stay longer for work or studies, as there are many advantages of studying in Russia for international students. […]

5 reasons to watch “Ekaterina”, the Russian historical TV series

One of them is ‘Ekaterina’, the famous Russian historical TV series that has been airing since 2014. Also called ‘Ekaterina: The Rise of Catherine the Great’, this series is inspired from Russian history, particularly about Catherine the Great, one of the most well-known Russian empresses and her life story, even having her own castle with magnificent […]

6 Reasons to watch a global Russian police drama series”Silver Spoon”

The Russian television industry is constantly growing. Many Russian TV series have even made it to the global market, thanks to Netflix, which recently bought rights to distribute these high quality series for audience all over the world to enjoy. One of the top-rated Russian TV series that has gotten global recognition is Silver Spoon. […]