Why Does Kulebyaka Pie Always Be A Special Thing On Russian Christmas Day?

It is very well known that Russians are very generous in preparing meals. Whenever you are going to your Russian friend’s house, they will serve you with plenty amount of food. At the very least, you will find salt fish, meats, and different kinds of salads. There will indeed some of Russians’ popular food, such […]

5 Tips to Go to Lake Baikal on Winter Season; What Should be Prepared? 

Lake Baikal is not just one of the oldest, most profound, and biggest lakes on the planet. It is without a doubt Siberia’s most stunning natural landmark. It contains 1/fifth of the world’s stock of freshwater and is home to a plenitude of widely varied vegetation, numerous remarkable to the locale including the well-known Omul […]

6 Best Books to Improve Your Russian Grammar With

More and more people today find that learning languages other than their first ones is actually important. Boundaries between nations are getting thinner and thinner that connecting with people from other places around the world has become way easier than, say, ten years ago. This fact is influenced by technology, mostly. Internet has made things […]

Check Your Russian Grammar with These 5 Sites

Language is one of the most ancient things in the world. Humans had started to figure out ways to communicate since the earliest time when they learned that they could share the same thought intentionally. Since then, thousands of languages have been formed around the world both culturally and scientifically. Some languages could be very […]

7 Can’t Miss Russian Festivals During Fall Time

Can’t-Miss Russian Festivals During Fall Time – Autumn is one of the four seasons experienced by temperate countries or subtropics. Autumn is a transition season from summer to winter. In autumn, a variety of plants that are being planted can be harvested and the trees will fall off their leaves. Autumn makes the days shorter […]

The Studying Verbs in Russian Language

In Russian language, there are many various forms to express something, for example in verbs. For now, we are going to talk about the verbs of studying in Russian language. We are going to tell you the verbs of study and learn, including the aspect of verbs, in that language. Here it is… Learn Verb […]

The Explanation of Russian Infinitive Verbs

In this website, there are some topics talking about verbs. One of them is Figurative Meanings in Russian Verbs of Motion. For now, we will talk about verbs again, it is  Russian infinitive verbs. What is that? In Russian language, there is an immutable indefinite form of verb (неизменяемая неопределлённая форма глагола) or mostly called […]

5 Cities in Russia That Has Lots of Festivals

When someone talks about Russia, the one thing they relate to is cold. Although this fact true because of their geographical climate which had longer winter, but it also has longer summer. Spring and autumn are short but unique. Russian autumn is cool with the amazing natural scenery. Spring is lively and warm. Most of all, […]

How to Use “Быть” in Russian Language

The word of Быть ‘be, exist, play, fare’ is a transitive verb in Russian language. But, the verb of Быть is one of some verbs that used differently than many other verbs. So now, we are going to talk about the using of Быть in sentences. Here we go! Read also: 7 Coldest Places in […]

5 Best Central Factory Outlet in Russia

Russia is vast and big. Well, this not a new information. Russia is diverse for its culture, history and even nature. And it is the biggest country in the world. For tourists, this also means there are a lot of things to do in Russia. A lot of things to explore. Whether it’s the architecture, […]