Why Is Yekaterinburg Not Be a Part of Siberia?

Even with the fastest train the Trans-Siberian, it takes about 8 days from one corner of Russia to the other. That’s the easiest way to describe how big the country is. Just take one part of Russia, the Siberian area where there are bears, vodka, various Animals That Lives In The Siberian Tundra, the remote area. […]

Omsk; One of the Witnesses of Russia’s Journey in the Past

Omsk is one of the largest cities in Russia, located at the confluence of the Irtysh and Omi rivers, a large scientific, cultural, sports and industrial center. It is also known as the City of Labor Glory. Omsk is the million-plus city with 1,164,815 people according to the 2019 census. The data makes it the […]

Stay Happily In The Gloomy Legend Uglich, Russia

When we talk about visiting Russia, the first city that might come to mind is Moscow. As the capital city of Russia, there are many sites you can come to and many places you can be amazed by. Among many of its attractions, the first thing you have to visit is Red Square, the heart […]

Ladoga; All You Need to Know About Russian Civilization

If you try and search the word “ladoga”, several results will come up. The suggestions will show villages, water bodies, to the names of newspaper and confectionery company. Ladoga Lake is usually the one people look for, as it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Russia. However, the one we will discuss […]

Why Does Russian Technology Sophistication Refers to Airplane Structure Development?

The aircraft is heavier than air, designed to fly in the atmosphere using power plant , which creates thrust and stationary relative to other parts of the apparatus wings creating lift force. A fixed wing distinguishes an airplane from a flywheel and a helicopter, and the presence of an engine from a glider. An airplane […]

Let’s Learn Russia by Visiting These Historical Places in Sevastopol 

Everywhere throughout the world, any place you look, you will always have the option to discover relics of the past in the recorded locales abandoned by previous civilisations. These, for the most part, UNESCO-certify destinations and vestiges guarantee to ship you and your travel partner back to some other time altogether. So, you can visit […]

Russian Orthodox Church And The Historical Journey Of Russia

When we want to learn about the history of a country, we can learn from its culture. One part of the culture is religion. Religions, more or less, have the roll to shape the habit and the characteristics of its believer. It can even affect the running of the whole country’s government. Russia is a […]

6 Things That Should Appear In Russian Independence Day Festival

One of the most important holidays observed in Russia is, just like in most countries, their Independence Day. Russia Day – called the Day of the adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the RSFSR before 2002 – falls on June 12 and has been celebrated annually since 1992. It is the state holiday […]

There Are 3 Things You Should Know About the Russian Grand Dukes

As you have probably read in the history of Russia, this very old country started off as a kingdom and has always been getting the rules done like an empire. Russia has a long list of rulers before the current political arrangement was started to be applied. Some of these previous rulers were Grand Dukes. […]

What Is The History Behind Russian Revival Architecture

When we travel to other countries or cities and go sight-seeing, we will see many things that give that particular place a certain characteristic. For example, when you go to New York, you will see tall buildings all over the city. The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre, and Time Square are only a few treasures […]