A Comparison of Living in Russia and Living in America 

As clearly implied on the title, in this occasion, we will cover a quick comparison of living in Russia and living in America for you. To start with, let us go with the brisk summary. If you centre your life around making money, life is better in America. If you need the feeling of freedom, […]

7 Best Russian Apartments, Would You Like to Rent or Buy One?

Moscow, as one of the biggest cities in Russia, is inhabited by around 146 million people. It has become a very crowded place where all the businesses happen. Around 99% Russians who live in Moscow stay in apartments because it is more effective and they can choose buildings that are closer to work, school, markets, […]

Interested in Moving to Russia? The Preparations to Be Expatriate

Is it finally happening? After months, even years of struggle, hard work, and patience, you have finally been offered a chance to live overseas and experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. After you have shared the good news with everyone in your circle, the nerves have started to creep in. As exciting a prospect as it is […]

Find Anything You Need In These 5 Russian Stores

Almost every country has their own favorite or well-known chain stores that people would instantly recognize; like Walmart to the USA, Super Indo to Indonesia, Tesco to the UK, and so on. Things have changed and that includes how people need their daily supplies to be met more quickly and effectively. This, then, slowly makes […]

How to Get a Driving license in Russia for Foreigners

Are you planning to live in Russia? Do you need to use private transportations for your activities there? Then one of the most important things you have to concern about is driving license. Driving license is an official declaration that stated you are eligible to drive on roads. Every country has its own policy on […]

What Russian eat for their daily breakfast? Here are the answers

It’s a popular belief that breakfast is the most important meal in a day. Scientists say breakfast prepares the human body to do activities after a long “fast” in the night. Even some studies linked breakfast to higher scores in school and better performance in work. Furthermore, breakfast is also linked to a habit of […]

5 Facts You Need to Know about Russian Drivers

Russia actually doesn’t have a good reputation for its drivers and traffic conditions. We can easily find short videos on Youtube of unbelievable traffic accidents in Russia, from cars’ collisions until the fight between drivers. In 2010, the statistics showed that more than 2000 people killed in traffic accidents. The good news is, Russian governance […]

Don’t be afraid! Here are 4 Reasons Why You Must Live in Russia

Along with rapid communication technology development nowadays, it’s easy to get any information about a particular country. However, we can get the wrong ideas from how the media portrays it along with any political agendas. Massive media exposure can shape our minds on how nice or bad a country is without giving a wider point […]

Neighborhood In Russia That Will Attract Foreigners To Live There

Visiting Russia is probably a normal thing. But have you ever thought of living in this snowy country? If you have not been interested in Russia, you must know the facts about Russia. In addition to the country with the largest region, Russia also has a large power in the world. Another interesting thing is […]

6 Difficulties Foreign Women Experience While Live In Russia

Living in a developed country may be a dream for most people. One of the developed countries in the world is Russia. Apart from being famous for its sophisticated weapons, Russia is also famous for its attractive tourist attractions in Russia. You can see the beautiful taiga, the amazing lake Baikal, to ancient European-style buildings […]