Is Epiphany Day Celebrated by Russian People Only? 

Epiphany is praised 12 days after Christmas on January 6th (or January 19th for some Orthodox Church who have Christmas on January 7th, for example, Russia) and is when Christians recall the Wise Men, also called the Three Kings, who visited Jesus.   Epiphany is also when a few Churches recollect the time when Jesus was baptized, when […]

All Things That Russian People Do on Epiphany Day 

On January 18th, there comes the Epiphany Eve with required divinations. In the past, the whole families participated in festive season’s divinations. This custom has been preserved since agnosticism.   The merry season reaches a conclusion with Epiphany festivities in the memory of the submersion of Jesus Christ by John the Forerunner in the waters of […]

Russian People’s Perspectives on Ghost; How Scary is It? 

Halloween is when ghosts and creepy decorations are on open presentation, helping us to remember the domain of the dead. In any case, might they be able to likewise be teaching us in significant exercises on the most proficient method to have moral existences?  The roots of current Halloween go back to ‘samhain‘, a Celtic […]

All You Need to Know Before You Give the Bouquet to Russian People 

Have you at any point asked why Russians give bouquets of flowers so as often as possible? Furthermore, why all bunches in Russian flower deliveries comprise of an odd number of flowers? If you are curious about it, keep on following this article because we will cover all you need to know before you give […]

How ‘Hard’ is the Personality of the Russian People? 

If we talk about the personality of Russian people, more often than not, we will frequently use an expression of Russian ‘hard’ personality. Russian individual is like a mystery waiting to be uncovered, in light of the fact that numerous boundaries integrate in their spirit.  The entire world knows Russian unobtrusiveness and persistence from situations […]

How to Build Social Bond with Russian People?

Humans are social creatures. Therefore, humans must interact between each other. One way that can be done is to build social bonds with the people around them. There are many ways you can do to build social bonds with people. It’s just that there are some countries that have their own criteria so that you […]

Why Does Russian People Does Not Familiar with English?

Do you enjoy learning a new language outside of your language? What kind of language do you like? And where did you learn that language? If we talk about language, of course there are many things that become questions. And there are also many types of languages that can be learned. But the most commonly […]

Understanding Russian Views About Foreign Workers in Building Up the Business

An economy that is in a country can be influenced by several factors. One of them is the factor of human resources or workers. The running of a business that supports the economy is certainly still related to that too. As we know, there are two types of workers who work in a job. That […]

Is Ainu a Part of Russian People?

Being a very vast country, Russia becomes the home to so many different ethnic groups. Some of them look very much like European, some are closer to Asian. If you take a look at the map and learn the history of Russia, you will understand why. Among so many ethnic groups, there is one called […]

What do Russians Think about Funny Jokes?  

Have you ever initiated to engage in a conversation with Russians for some funny jokes or typical Russian satire? What do Russians think about funny jokes? Their reaction to it could probably a hearty laugh. Perhaps that amusingness is protected behind their cold masks. Possibly there is something in particular about old jokes that makes them feel […]