Let’s Celebrate Month of July in Russia With These Beautiful Festivals!

Russia is a country famous for its global festivals. Almost every month Russia holds an interesting festival. In certain months, some festivals are very festive. For example when easter, new year, and summer. Summer is almost here. That means many summer festivals are ready to be held. What are the Russian festivals in July? Let’s celebrate […]

Let’s Get To Know About Russian Summer Ethno Festival

Summer is almost here. Some of the world’s population, especially those who live in four-season countries, rejoice in the warmth of the sun and the festivity of the festival. Russia, where intimate Western European historical and aesthetic visions coexist with the giant relics of communism, also celebrated. Visiting Russia in the summer is a good […]

What Are The Festive Months In Russia? Get To Know Here!

When is the great time to visit Russia? Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world because it borders the North Pole. Visiting Russia in the winter will be very special moment, that is a challenge for you. You can feel the coldest place in Russia, which is definitely an experience you will […]

5 Amazing Arts Festival in Russia During Summer

How is summer in Russia? Russia is known as one of the coldest countries in the world because it borders the North Pole. For this reason, summer in Russia is the most anticipated season for most Russians, even tourists. In the summer, most people can do their summer activities in Russia. For example, visiting the […]

7 Things Never Say To Russian People

Studying the culture of a country is important if you want to visit the country. In addition to finding out about interesting places, you also have to study the nature and character of the people of a country. Russia is a special country. The character of the Russians are different from other Europeans even though […]

7 Favorite Beaches In Russia For Holiday

What’s on your mind when you hear Russia? You definitely think Russia is the coldest country in the world that is only suitable for winter holidays. Maybe the beach is not a mainstay tour in Russia. But you know, Russia has very beautiful and unique beaches. Some of them are places you must visit, especially […]

How To Dress For Russian Nightlife

Being a country close to communism, have you ever thought of the relaxed life of Russian people? In addition to having a high spirit of nationalism, the Russian people love to enjoy long nights in Russia, especially Moscow. The capital of Russia is the one of the best cities nightlife in Russia. Many night clubs […]

Neighborhood In Russia That Will Attract Foreigners To Live There

Visiting Russia is probably a normal thing. But have you ever thought of living in this snowy country? If you have not been interested in Russia, you must know the facts about Russia. In addition to the country with the largest region, Russia also has a large power in the world. Another interesting thing is […]

Life-Changing Shopping Hacks On Russia Without Going Broke

Traveling to Russia is incomplete without shopping. We know that Russia has unique souvenirs that are not owned by other countries. Especially for Indonesians who like to buy souvenirs or look for items that don’t exist in the country. Shopping in Russia can be more fun because of new and unusual experiences. But don’t let […]

What To Wear In Russia For Daily Style

Russia is indeed charming. Starting from natural wonders in Russia, artistic buildings in St. Petersburg, and even unique cultures in Russia. Besides that, the Russians turned out to have interesting fashion. Actually, every country must have a unique fashion that is often used by residents. However, fashion in one country turns out to affect other […]