How to Build Social Bond with Russian People?

Humans are social creatures. Therefore, humans must interact between each other. One way that can be done is to build social bonds with the people around them. There are many ways you can do to build social bonds with people. It’s just that there are some countries that have their own criteria so that you […]

Why Does Russian People Does Not Familiar with English?

Do you enjoy learning a new language outside of your language? What kind of language do you like? And where did you learn that language? If we talk about language, of course there are many things that become questions. And there are also many types of languages that can be learned. But the most commonly […]

Does Russian Take Care of Bear at Home as Their Folklore?

Do you enjoy reading folklore? What kind of folklore do you often read? There are many types of folklore that you can read. In each country has a variety of types of folklore that characterizes the country. Each of these folklores has a character that will become an icon of the story line. This character […]

11 Outstanding Athletes From Russia With Myriad Achivements

Russia is currently known as a country capable of spawning various outstanding athletes from Russia with myriad achivements in the international arena, besides facilities having supporting athletes, separating our standards of enthusiasm against them. By following this native blooded Russia, this is an extraordinary figure one of the most popular sports in Russia today. 1. Yulia […]

How to Know If Someone You Met is Russian

Getting to know someone would likely take years or at least a few months. People said, ‘The first impression is the last and the best impression’ though it does not always hold true. How you fathom a person depends more on your view of things, your principle, your values, your beliefs, etc. Obviously, it would […]

5 Amazing Arts Festival in Russia During Summer

How is summer in Russia? Russia is known as one of the coldest countries in the world because it borders the North Pole. For this reason, summer in Russia is the most anticipated season for most Russians, even tourists. In the summer, most people can do their summer activities in Russia. For example, visiting the […]

Story About Russia’s International Women’s Day

You must be familiar with International Women’s Day, right? Or maybe there are also such celebrations in your country? There must be some background behind the International Women’s Day all over the world. Whether it’s in the form of a different atmosphere of celebration, giving a holiday when celebrating, or maybe about the events that […]

6 Reasons Why International Day Bartender is A Special Event in Russia

Bartenders in Russia have a special day for them called the International Day of Bartenders. It happened every February 6th every year. You might have never heard about it since it’s such an obscure event for the public who know nothing about bartending and the world of a mixologist. You might know February is the month […]

How to get along faster with Russian in Moscow

Russia is the largest country in the world. It extends from eastern Europe to northern  Asia, while 77% of area located in Europe mostly became the center of government and important administration office; as Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the rest 23% of area is mainly about natural resources which also very important to the […]

9 Crazy things Russian do For Fun in Winter

Winter is a season which you will probably just want to do anything a whole day. Imagining the extreme cold, freezing windy air, and snow all over the ground, it must be tempting to stay inside a room with warm heater, hiding in a thick blanket while enjoyed your favourite channel. Hey, wake up and […]