6 Best Things You Must Do in Peterhof Palace, Russia

Visiting a place, also means doing things in that place. Even if it’s a leisure time, no one would want to pay for travel cost just to do nothing there. People would usually find for attractions beforehand, listing places they want to visit and what are they going to do there. This is somehow the […]

8 Interesting Facts of the Valley of the Geyser (No. 2 is Breathtaking)

Nature is rich and beautiful. This state is just way too true to be denied. Talking about travelling in the nature isn’t just all about mountain and sandy beach. There are a lot more to it, from waterfall, forest, savannah, taiga, peninsula, island, hot springs, and so much more. That’s why, exploring the nature is […]

8 Awesome Facts You Should Know of Peterhof Palace, Russia

Going to Russia is not just about visiting beautiful places in Russia people rarely visit, although those place are just unbelievably beautiful. It’s also not just about figuring out and take courage to land your feet in the mysterious citites in Russia you are not allowed to visit. It’s also about visiting a place that’s […]

10 Amazing Things You Should Do in Kamchatka Peninsula with Loved Ones

Being a 1,250-kilometre-long peninsula in the Russian Far East, the Kamchatka Peninsula carries on exceptional beauty that you’d definitely fall for. Especially when you’ve figured out facts about Uzon Caldera in Kamchatka, Russia as well as facts about Kamchatka, the most hazardous place in Russia that will make you gasp in wonder. You’re not a […]

12 Surprising Facts of Irkutsk, Best Destination to Visit All Season

When you’re in Russia, it can never go wrong for you to explore all of the city there, including Irkutsk. People mostly visit St. Petersburg where there are a lot of recommended places in St. Petersburg for your lovely valentine’s day. There’s also Moscow, these two city might be the most famous place for tourist, […]

9 Best Things to Do and See in Irkutsk, Russia

Trying to find best things to do and see in Irkutsk, Russia is not that hard. Why? Simply because there are a lot of things to see and do here in this city. From nature, architecture, to religious sites, you can make your own choice of places to visit in Irkutsk easily. However, these 9 […]

10 Super Fun Things to Do When You Visit Altai Mountains

Who wouldn’t feel super excited when it comes to travelling? Perhaps not everyone, but most people would be so enthutiastic, busy planning the itienary and imagining just how great would the trip be. For someone who loves travelling, even the thought of going on a trip is too exciting. However, at times it might be […]

15 Top Interesting Facts of Altai Mountain

There are generally two types of people when it comes to nature. One’s in love with the beach, sand, salty water. Meanwhile  other prefer the beautiful mountain with all the trees, breeze, and fog. Whether you’re beach person or mountain person, you’d definitely be amazed by natural wonders in Russia that are perfect for travel […]

Top 7 Best Guest House in Russia that Feels Like Home

Various of hotels are built to cater perfectly to traveller’s needs. Some travellers might find it necessary to stay in best and easy hotel to reach in Russia that are perfect for tourist, but then some might prefer friendly budget hotels in Moscow for tourist that’s good enough to cater for their needs. Hotel, hostel, […]

5 Best and Easy Hotels to Reach in Russia that are Perfect for Tourist

One of the most important aspect of going on vacation is the accommodation, where to stay. Although sometimes we might think that hotel is just about bed and breakfast. Sometimes we tend to choose just the best budget hotels in St Petersburg for tourist or friendly budget hotels in Moscow for tourist. The main point […]