Ogoy Island vs Olkhon Island; Which Place is Better to Spend the Winter Season?

Most of the way up to Lake Baikal‘s western shore and came to by a short ship venture from Sakhyurta (otherwise known as MRS), there is a lovely Olkhon Island which is a magnificent spot to see the lake and unwind during travel through Siberia. Considered one of five worldwide posts of shamanic energy by […]

5 Tips to Go to Lake Baikal on Winter Season; What Should be Prepared? 

Lake Baikal is not just one of the oldest, most profound, and biggest lakes on the planet. It is without a doubt Siberia’s most stunning natural landmark. It contains 1/fifth of the world’s stock of freshwater and is home to a plenitude of widely varied vegetation, numerous remarkable to the locale including the well-known Omul […]

What Things that Can Be Done While Spending the Holiday in Irkutsk? 

Irkutsk, also known as the “Paris of Siberia,” is one of the most well-known stops on the Trans-Siberian Railway and is a significant tourist centre point for those making a trip to Lake Baikal. It is an architectural gem that highlights colourful churches structured in the unmistakable style of Siberian Baroque and customary Siberian local […]

The Forbidden Things You Shouldn’t Do In Olkhon

Olkhon is a sacred place on Lake Baikal, a place of strength and maximum attraction not only for Irkutsk residents and residents of the region: the flow of tourists to the island is growing from year to year. This brings money to the inhabitants of the island and entrepreneurs who conduct their business there, brings […]

Lake Baikal; A Kind of Charms of Russian Waters 

One of the world’s most popular as well as oldest geological features (shaped 25 to 30 million years prior), sublime Lake Baikal (Озеро Байкал) is the feature of Eastern Siberia. Summer explorers appreciate the wonderful vistas across waters of the most profound blue to soaring mountain runs on the contrary shore; rarer winter explorers wonder about […]

Enjoy Your Winter Journey in Listvyanka

Climatologists believe that winter begins when the average daily air temperature passes through zero degrees Celsius in the direction of lowering. In Russia, this time varies depending on the region: the earliest beginning of winter is observed at the end of September (Yakutia), the latest – at the beginning of January (Krasnodar Territory). In the […]

6 Most Notable Places in Russia for Fishing Salmon, Trout, and More

Russia has the fourth longest coastline in the world after Canada, Greenland, and Indonesia. The country’s fishing industry covers 7.6 million square kilometers of Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) that includes access to twelve seas, three oceans, and two million rivers. The Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (FAO) mentioned that in 2005 Russia […]

9 Beautiful World Heritage Sites in Russia you should visit!

Russia is no short of UNESCO world heritage sites. In total there are 28 recognized sites, in which 17 sites are cultural, while the other 11 are natural. The abundance of these sites will make a lifetime not enough to explore all of them. Therefore, Here we’ve made a list of the 9 Beautiful World […]

7 Things Russian Folk Like To Do in Winter Time

Russian people do not stop doing activities although the winter has come. After embracing fall, they start doing activities in winter. As you know, Russian is the nearest country to the north pole. This makes Russia has so many cold territories, especially in winter. However, there is no stopping Russian from doing fun activities. There […]

6 Things Russians Like To Do in Summer Season

Are you curious about activities that Russians doing during summer? Well, most of them are actually just about the same with other 4-season countries. However, they have some activities that probably do not exist in your country. For your information, summer in Russia can be really challenging. The maximum temperature during the season can exceed […]