If You Can Live In Russia, Which Of These 3 Best Places Will You Choose?

Everybody wants to live in a place with a great quality of everything – great education system, great food, easy access to places, safe environment are just a few factors that people consider to choose a place to live at. Even now, we can also put something like country’s level of happiness, a factor that […]

Collect All of Russian Beliefs and Customs as Your Direction To Live There

Do you want to know more about Russia? Talking about the beliefs and customs is not something that sounds unusual among people. In all countries on earth, they certainly have beliefs and customs that are still applied in their daily lives. Although today is the modern era. This belief and custom merges with the modern […]

Pick Up All About Russian Etiquette and Customs to Make A Better Life There

Let’s get to know more about Russia! A country certainly has etiquette and customs that are still applied from the past until now. When there are tourists who come to a country, they must respect the etiquette and customs of the country so that they do not cause problems while in the country. This etiquette […]

Let’s Get Familiar with Russian Values to Make Your Life Easier There

Do you plan to stay in Russia for quite some time? Or do you even have a plan to move to Russia? When you plan to move or stay in a country for a long time, of course you have to know about how life in that country. This is done so that you can […]

8 Hidden Facts About Russia That Should be Shown

If we talk about Russia, what do you know about the country? There are many people who only know a little about Russia. Usually they know more about typical food, tourist attractions or children’s animation from Russia. But do you know that Russia also has hidden facts that are still rarely known by many people? […]

5 Picture Books that are Perfect for Children to Learn Russian Language

Picture books for children are like building blocks that bring forward vocabulary skills, literacy, sentence structure, and story analysis. For children, picture books are an important aspect of learning how to read. Usually, these types of book mark off the first step in introducing a child to literature and are often the start of language […]

6 Popular Metal Bands from Russia You Must Know

Does anyone like metal genre music? Some of you might answer “yes” or maybe some would answer “no” to that question. But, do you know about metal bands in Russia? Or maybe one of your favorite metal bands were from Russia? If you don’t know anything about Russian metal bands, let’s look at 6 popular […]

7 Can’t Miss Russian Festivals During Fall Time

Can’t-Miss Russian Festivals During Fall Time – Autumn is one of the four seasons experienced by temperate countries or subtropics. Autumn is a transition season from summer to winter. In autumn, a variety of plants that are being planted can be harvested and the trees will fall off their leaves. Autumn makes the days shorter […]

January In Russia, Enjoy These Magnificent Festivals You Can’t Miss

January in Russia, Enjoy these Magnificient Festivals You Can’t Miss – January is one of the best months for you to use on vacation. In January, students, students and workers get a long time off. This is due to the Christmas holidays which fall on December 25 and the New Year which falls on January […]

Most Active Volcanoes of Russia You Should Know

Russia is full of snow. Whether with this condition, did you know that Russia is still have the Active Volcanoes? Well, we could says this because you have to know this fact. We present to you more about Most Active Volcanes of Russia You Should Know. In 10 volcanoes active, there are 9 volcanoes that […]