4 Reasons Why Kremlin Clock Becomes Russian New Year Symbol

Russian individuals usually have day-offs from January 1st to January 2nd for New Year and January 7th for Christmas. However, it was very hard to be in the state of mind for work between these two occasions. A few years ago, prior Russian authorities decided to join a few significant occasions in one extended holiday […]

5 Things to Do in Moscow in December

Those who do not want to stray from the solace of a warm climate will pass up all that Moscow brings to the table throughout the winter. The ornamental and memorable city becomes animated when the temperatures plunge to below freezing and the snow begins falling on the street. Not at all like different urban […]

Enjoy Your Winter Season Over the Moscow Parks 

At some point around the end of November, Moscow transforms into a snow-shrouded festive heaven practically overnight. It is enticing to remain inside with a blanket, yet these regular activities make sure to get you out of the house. Try to travel to Moscow during winter as it is a unique experience you need.   Russians […]

Amazing Performance That Can Be Enjoyed at Ice Theatre in Novopushkinsky 

Covered in snow is a stormy wonderland standing by to be explored. Novopushkinsky ticks all the privilege boxes for a blissful winter escape. There is a portion of preferred approaches to praise the winter season in Russia; quite a lot actually. A few exercises are long-standing customs, others are lesser-known, and all are ensured to help make […]

5 Facts about Dormition Cathedral Moscow 

Russia has numerous holy destinations, yet none is more essential to the nation’s character than the brilliant domed Dormition (Uspensky) Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin. For quite a long time, this house of prayer was Russia’s most raised landmark — at the focal point of its history, its legislative issues, its way of life, and […]

Do You Dare Enough to Visit the Igumnov House in Moscow? 

If you want to understand what is implied by the “Neo-Russian” style, then go take a look at the Igumnov House, a mind-blowing royal residence including a ceramic stylistic layout, friezes, trims, and “pudgy” sections. Nothing was spared by designer Nikolay Pozdneyev to fulfil the flavours of the rich dealer who dispatched the building for this ultra-Slavic medieval style. […]

Zaryadye Garden Moscow; What Makes it Should be Visited?

Visit the gardens and see the sights in the surrounding areas may be an option some people to spend their time. They will consider it as a refreshment from the tired activities that they have to do every day. Seeing the green scenery and shade trees can certainly spoil the eye, right? In every country […]

Creepiest Things That Willing to Face When You Are Living in Moscow

If you hear something that is “the creepiest”, it is often mystical things that cross the minds of some people. In fact, not all things are said to be “creepy” is always associated with something like that. Sometimes it is more like a figure of speech when imagining something that bothers them. Many things can […]

7 Odd Things That Can be Found When You Are Living in Moscow

When someone decides to live in a country, of course we must begin to be able to adapt to our new residence. Sometimes, when we are bored, we who have free time will choose to travel to an interesting place in the country. Are you currently living in Moscow, Russia? If so, it is how […]

Why Is Moskva Cake A Symbol Of Moscow City

Who does not love cake? This dessert has various kinds of flavor. You can easily find chocolate cakes in many cake or coffee shops where you can enjoy your favorite drinks with sweetness from chocolate cakes. If you prefer to eat the cheese one, you can order some cheesecakes, which is best to serve when […]