6 Best Books to Improve Your Russian Grammar With

More and more people today find that learning languages other than their first ones is actually important. Boundaries between nations are getting thinner and thinner that connecting with people from other places around the world has become way easier than, say, ten years ago. This fact is influenced by technology, mostly. Internet has made things […]

Learn Russian Easily Through These 5 Smartphone Apps

Learning has taken a whole step to a new level, thanks to technology. Students and learners don’t have to attend physical classes if they feel limited by time and distance but can still get all of the benefits. This trend also encourages people to be independent learners which means they can find methods and lessons […]

9 Exclamations In Russia: How To Impress Locals

There are so many ways you can impress a local. Here we are speaking specifically about Russian people. What are the things that impress Russian people specifically? Universal things such as kindness and generosity will work well. However, we can also try to impress them by showing mastery in the Russian language. It shows that […]

7 Most Recommended Russian Cartoons to Watch for Language Learners

Hello learners! Learning a new language is always challenging, isn’t it? You might want to start learning Russian language for a number of reasons, whether you’re planning to just visit Russia for your summer holiday,  or perhaps stay longer for work or studies, as there are many advantages of studying in Russia for international students. […]

6 Russian TV series that are easy for Russian learners

Do you find it hard to learn Russian language? Learning a new language is always a challenge at first, but fear not! Learning Russian language is easier than you think, there are many ways that you can try to learn Russian in a day. If you know how to be creative in picking a fun […]

6 Adorable Cartoons for Children to Learn Russian Language

When is the perfect time for learning Russian? It’s always good to start early, especially since young ages! Teaching children something new is always challenging at first, isn’t it? This fact also applies to learning Russian language. Thankfully, with modern technology, there are many unconventional ways children can learn Russian language without even realizing it! […]

8 World Celebrities Who Were Able to Speak Russian

We don’t know for sure, but it seems that learning the Russian language has been a favorite activity these days. Many people learn Russian in schools or online courses just because they want to. Check these best sites to learn Russian online for free! If you have learned to speak Russian too, then so did […]

4 Topics You Must Not Bring Up In Front Of Russian

Every society in a country must have a different mindset than people in other countries. Examples such as culture between western society and eastern society must be very different. Especially in terms of lifestyle. There are some things that are considered appropriate and some things that are not appropriate to do. And this difference must […]

13 best russian TV shows for learning Russian

Watching Russian TV shows can familiarize yourself with the culture if you are interested in learning Russian. They can help you see the real usage of the language, and master on vocabularies. Moreover, Russian TV Shows are educational and entertaining, and they will make it easier for anyone to start learning the Russian language without much […]

7 Steps to Make an Effective Vacation Plan to Russia

It is common sense to plan before traveling, better planning means better things you could go at a better pace. It’s a common sense, especially planning for traveling to Russia. Although there are many guides and trip advisor to provide you with a suggestion about what to do. But once you go there without a plan, everything […]