How Easy Is It to Travel to Russia?

Traveling somewhere is a fun activity. Especially if your destination is a place that you’ve long dreamed of visiting on your holidays. Of course, many people have done many things or many ways to be able to visit their dream place. Who does not look forward to the holidays, right? In fact, you might also […]

How to Travel by Trans-Siberian Railway

If you have only a limited time, but really want to see every corner of Russia, then the Trans-Siberian Railways is the answer. Russia is a very big country that covers around 17 million square kilometers. It covers eleven time zones and over 5,700 miles of distance from west to east. It used to be […]

Can We Visit Suzdal in a Limited Time?

Travelling through Russia will take a lifetime to see all of its beauty and cities. To keep things short. There are so many ways to see so much in so little time. You can take the Trans Siberian train and enjoy the scenery or go on a trip through the Russian Must Know For Travelers The […]

Spiritual Trip to Sergiev Posad: What Should be Considered?

Sergiev Posad is located in the north of the Moscow region, and one of the cities included in the Golden Ring of Russia. It is, to some extent, a city of one attraction. The vast majority of travelers come here just to get to the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, the most status monastery in Russia, where thousands […]

Guide to Visit Samara for Foreign Solo Travelers

Samara (from 1935 to 1991 called Kuibyshev) is a city in the Middle Volga region of Russia, the center of the Volga economic region and the Samara region that forms the urban district of Samara. It is also dubbed as the city of labor and military glory in 2016. The population is 1,156,644 people according […]

Could You Have A Vacation In Russia Without Visa?

Travelling has become more and more convenient these days. There are more options of means of transportation, fares are relatively cheaper than years ago since budget flights were established and it is now possible to visit foreign countries without visas. The last point is probably something every traveler dreams of, because getting a visa could […]

Must-know For Travelers: The Russian Golden Ring

When you travel to a country, you will usually find a place that is well-known there, is not it? Similarly, when you take a trip to Russia. There are lots of interesting places that you can visit while in Russia. But, have you ever heard of the Russian Golden Ring? I think the term is […]

Spring Is Coming! 7 Reason Spring Is The Best Season For You To Travel To Russia

People think Russia is all about cold and winter, but actually, when spring comes, it is the Best Time To Visit Russia when everywhere is humid and fuzzy. It marks the time when winter has passed and everything comes back to live again. Flower embark their leaves, animals awaken from their long sleep, and people […]

What is Like The First Day of Spring in Russia?

What is on your mind when i said spring? the sun shine warmly, the tree are beginning to let us see the color, or maybe the flower start to bloom? But one thing that people will be happy is when they finally see the ice melt. Ice that come every winter put a lot of […]

5 Prohibited Things To Do That Make You Get Arrested In Russia

Russia is a country with a million charms. There are so many destinations in Russia that make tourists interested in visiting the largest country in the world. Not only its natural beauty, cities in Russia are also very beautiful with a very comfortable atmosphere. Besides that, education, history and art also exist in Russia. if […]