Best Book to Read Will Help You to Master All About Russia Quickly

As the growing curiosity of Russia makes many people search for information about the country. Either going to Russia for travelling, schooling or enjoying the culture can be a very interesting experience. There is that language barrier that often makes people think twice before reading or watching anything about Russia. Luckily nowadays there is more […]

6 Best Books to Improve Your Russian Grammar With

More and more people today find that learning languages other than their first ones is actually important. Boundaries between nations are getting thinner and thinner that connecting with people from other places around the world has become way easier than, say, ten years ago. This fact is influenced by technology, mostly. Internet has made things […]

6 Hardest Russian Books You Will Ever Read

We all have at least one book which to us humble brags having read. We all have that one hardest book we slogged through one day. There are two basic types of difficulties. Some books are hard to read because of the matter of the subject they promote such as a matter of sexual assault […]

3 Famous Russian Books Written by Female Writers For Women

In general, the number of male writers is still bigger than female writers. Just like many occupations, literacy is also a world dominated by men. But it does not stop women writer from being creative and making great books. Their amazing works has helped them to achieve fame. Famous Russian Books Written by Female Writers […]

4 Best Films of All Time Adapted from Russian Novels

For those who live and breathe novels, there can be no other pleasure dearer than watching their favorite 2D characters brought to life on screen. The fantasy that they have been cultivating all these years in their heads seems to have finally been acceded; to see the words get live on screen. What is funny […]

3 Popular Russian Books to Teach You Moral Values

Nowadays, we, more often than not, are suffocated with conflicting, ever-shifting standards of morality and ethics. At the same time, we are trying to apply and instill good values at our surroundings, say, our home. Luckily, a really great book that has the power to counter-attack those bad influences from the outside exists. It might […]

4 Must-Read Books About Serfdom Life in Russia

Serfs, as they were known, in Russia were limited and bonded to their masters in a certain type of altered slavery. The period of time was known as the Russian Empire, a term popularized by Peter I the Great. It was an era of regeneration for the peasant serfs in the Russian countryside. The period […]

4 Recommended Russian Books for Couple in Love

I have something to ask you. Especially to all of you who have a hobby of reading books. If you are in love with your lover, what kind of book do you want to read? Is that a book with the romance genre? Maybe the answer that you give is mostly yes. There are many […]

4 Greatest Short Stories Written by Anton Chekhov

Do you like to read? What kind of reading do you like? Are short stories included in your favorite reading list? There are many types of short stories that exist around the world. People like short stories because the story is light and finished with a little conflict. Then, do you know about short stories […]

5 Humorous Russian Books You Should Read

Do you like to read books? Among the many genres that exist in the book, what genre that you really like? Have you ever read a book with the humor genre? Or it could be that instead become one of your favorite book genres. If you like reading humorous genre books, of course you have […]