Suitable Clothes To Wear During Spring In Russia

spring style russianDo you plan to go to Russia? Do you plan to vacation or work in Russia in the spring?

If your answer is yes, maybe this article will help you to find suitable clothes to wear during spring in Russia.


Russia is the largest country in the world. The largest area in Russia is in Siberia. Located in the northernmost hemisphere, Russia has long winters and cool summers. Cities in Russia, for example Moscow and St. Petersburg has long winters and short summers.

Weather in Russia has a large temperature difference in winter and summer. This temperature difference makes Russia look like a totally different country. In this article, I will discuss about the clothes are suitable for use when the spring in Russia.

Spring in Russia starts on March 1 until May 31. At this time, not a lot of tourists who come to Russia because the weather can be cold. The road will be filled with snow that begins to melt. For tourists who do not like when a place is too full with other tourists, it is appropriate to come to Russia when spring arrives.

When spring arrives, there is a celebration of Maslenitsa or Butter Week in Russia. Russians will celebrate this tradition with many activities such as games, shows and music. There is also an Orthodox Easter celebration.

If you are planning to visit the Orthodox Church or any religious places, make sure to wear warm clothes, because the air can be a little cold. Also make sure to cover your head using a scarf (for women) and wear clothes that cover your arms and legs. Using pashmina or scarf that big enough to completely cover your hair will really help you there. As a side note, some religious places require women to wear a skirt—not the short one. So make sure you have at least one in your bag.


Russians have casual clothing styles. Especially when you are visiting the big city, you will see many people dress according to fashion throughout the day. And if you visit for business, you have to prepare an office suit because Russians are very professionally dressed at work.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg it is very similar to other cosmopolitan cities where women like to dress up and wear high heels. There are rarely seen women without wearing make-up. You can do that as well when visiting this city. Oh… save your high heels for the evening.


When you arrive at the beginning of March, you should bring warm clothes and shoes. Warm clothes that you can use are sweaters with high collars, long underwear, long coat, sweatshirts, a combination between a warm turtleneck and thin sweater and many others. If necessary, you also need to set up a warm hat, scarf and gloves.

The use of light wool clothing material can be an option when you visit Russia during spring. This light wool material will naturally help your body adjust to the temperature. This material keeps you warm when the cold air and remove humidity when the air is hot. It’s also comfortable even after being used for a long time.

Do you have furry clothes at home? It’s okay to wear furry clothes during spring in Russia if you feel the spring air in Russia is very cold for you. For ladies, thick tights and long-sleeve cardigan with dress is a good idea.


If you really like jeans, you can wear clothes with these materials because jeans are always popular in this country. Noteworthy is always to wear other clothes that are warmer considering the spring air in Russia can be quite cold.

Wearing layered clothes will be very helpful when there is a change in temperature at any time of year you visit Russia.

When you arrive in Russia at the end of May, then don’t forget to bring some shirts, spring jackets and comfortable shoes.


After knowing the clothes to wear during spring in Russia, you also need to know which shoes are suitable for use in the spring.

The distance between cities in Russia is very large, and walking is still one of the best ways to enjoy the surrounding environment. If you decide to walk to enjoy the atmosphere around it is better to wear comfortable shoes.

The shoes that can be used during spring in Russia are good-quality boots with soft rubber soles.  Or boots that are coated with fur and have non-slip and thick soles. It makes you more comfortable while enjoying spring scenery in Russia. Make sure your shoes are waterproof shoes. Don’t forget your wool socks! Warmth and comfort are important.

  • BAG

In addition to your fashion, you can bring a lightweight shoulder bag to carry your important needs while traveling. Make sure you know exactly where you want to go, it is useful to adjust the clothes you used to go there.


If you are not a person who likes to walk, you can choose to use public transportation. Traveling by Trans-Siberian train, you have to wear layered clothes. When you are inside the train it will feel warm, but it will be different when you are out at the destination stop. You are strongly advised to wear boots, warm coats, warm hats and gloves if you are not a person who is resistant to cold.

Remember, spring in Russia can come with rain. Be sure to bring a raincoat or umbrella and shoes that can be used on the muddy ground. The best months to come to Russia are form May to September because the temperatures are warmer.

I hope this article can really help you to determine the clothes to wear when you come to Russia during the spring.

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