4 Unique Facts of Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Russia in Saint Petersburg. This place has a beautiful view of the Neva River. This beautiful view is even more perfect thanks to the significant historical and cultural city attractions. With 36 historical architectural complexes and around 4000 monuments od architecture, history, and culture, Saint Petersburg is […]

Moscow Or St. Petersburg; Which Is the Better Place to Spend Holiday?

Russia is indeed a country that should be included in the list of countries that you must visit. There are many interesting places there that would be a pity for you to miss if you have the opportunity to come there. More so if you come to big cities in Russia. For the foreign tourists, […]

Religious Symbols That Should be Visited in Petersburg

Do you have your own considerations when visiting a tourist spot? Have you ever visited a tourist site that still contains religious elements? There are many tourist attractions that are still associated with religion in all countries in the world. Usually, this place is visited by tourists who also want to enjoy the religious nuance […]

Most popular Asian Restaurants in St. Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg is a truly the city that never sleeps. Overflowing cuisines from various region enrichen the city of Saint Petersburg. You can find a variety of affordable cafes, popular restaurants, and stalls with healthy and tasty food in the city center. Living in Saint Petersburg is differ with Moscow, it is more relax and has […]

11 Famous Indian restaurant in St. Petersburg (must try)

Asian food such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean restaurants are growing in popularity around St. Petersburg, as well as Indian restaurants. The Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture and uses a variety of unusual spices for cooking that spice up the street with many popular restaurants among tourist of Saint Petersburg with authentic smells […]

7 Popular late night restaurants in St. Petersburg

In a city that never sleeps, it is crucial to know some late night restaurants in St.Peterburg to make you feel at home. Saint Petersburg nightlife includes bars, clubs or a place for an after-party meal to entertain you long after hours.  These restaurants open 24/7 (some of them literally) and will always available, any time […]

13 Little Known Facts About St. Petersburg Metro

When you enter St Petersburg metro and take the stairs down, you enter a different world. The metro station system will welcome you like a grand tour through the Russian Palaces. Moreover, each station across the city of St Petersburg Metro has its own enchanting classical decoration depicts Russia’s past.  Another famous Russian metro station is […]

11 Beautiful trams in St. Petersburg – Russia

There are beautiful trams in Saint Petersburg that serve as public transportation and city icons. Anyone traveling in a will surely like to try a ride in this trams among many unique things to try in Saint Petersburg. Moreover, visitors will enjoy traveling the city in a relaxing way. The Saint Petersburg trams once had […]

10 Best Budget Hotels in St. Petersburg For Tourist

St. Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia, it spoils tourist with various choices. This Russian version of  Venice rich with architecture, landscapes and famous places in Saint Petersburg that worth to visit. No surprise, this city is visited by many tourists from various parts of the world and it is a Muslim friendly […]

8 Branded Shopping Center in St. Petersburg

Tourists visit St. Petersburg in general because of the rich history and culture. The city is old and full of wonderful heritage buildings dated back since centuries ago. Walking down to the street of St. Petersburg, tourists will feel like they’re transported to another era. The architecture of St Petersburg is a top notch. The […]