4 Self-Study Principles To Manage Your Attention To Learn Russian Language

Learning languages ​​is a must in this day. The increasingly rapid flow of globalization, technological development, and also education are a number of influencing factors. If you only master your native language, in this age there will be no big influence. You should start trying to learn a foreign language that you are interested in. […]

How To Find Perfect Time For Learning Russian Language?

It’s normal when we hear someone able to speak English well. This encourages people today to learn foreign languages ​​other than English. Because learning languages ​​will not be in vain. When you master a foreign language, it is very useful for you. Without you realizing it, if you master a foreign language and can use […]

8 Personality traits of Russian you must know

Russia is part of a soviet union. Russia is also the largest country in the world and has the ninth largest population in the world. If you or a foreigner living in Russia is almost certain to experience some culture shock such as extreme weather and language differences. In this article will be discussed in full and […]

Figurative Meanings in Russian Verbs of Motion

You know that in Russian language there are a group of verbs that show motion, yups it is verbs of motion. After learning everything you must know about verbs of motion, from the list of Russian Verbs of Motion, the list of Russian verbs of motion without prefixes, to the list of Russian verbs of […]

5 Easy ways to learn Russian by listening

When you learn Russian language, learning basic knowledge is not enough and still requires listening skill in order to engage in conversation. You need to know alphabet, some common words or sentences in Russian before you learn  Russian by listening. We highly recommend you to visit Learn Russian for Beginners Easily. The function of learning Russian […]

16 Pick-up Lines to Approach Girl in Russian

Sometimes in life, you’ll never know when or where you gonna meet the love of your life. It might be while waiting for a subway, in a restaurant, or even on the street. That is why we gonna give you sixteen pick up lines that you could use to approach girl in any circumstances. Good […]

“Hет” and “Не” = The Difference of it’s Functions and Usage.

If you want to express refusal, most of the time you will use the word “No”. In Russian language, there are “нет” and “не” (net and ne) which have kind of similar meaning “no”. Here we gonna show you the example  and usage of “нет” and “не” : Q : В кино пойдешь? ‘V kino […]

How to Learn Russian by Yourself Effectively and Efficiently

Learning foreign language may seem difficult, but that’s not a difficult thing if we are into it. Everyone may have their own desire, including their desire to learn foreign languages such as learning Russian. If you ever thinking of learning Russian is difficult and requires us to go to Russia to study it, that’s not […]

10 Advantages of learning Russian as Indonesian

  Why we should learn Russian and what the advantage of learning the Russian language? many important things that we can use if we learn Russian language. If you can speak the Russian language, you don’t have to worry if you’re visiting Russia or former Soviet country. Studying one of the hardest language in the world […]

The Using of Preposition “-К(о)” in Russian Language

  Prepositions are words that indicate various types of relation between words. For example, they may indicate location (in the room), direction (to the store), time (before dinner), and many other relations. In English one preposition may be used in several different meanings, whereas in Russian Language, it can be expressed by a different prepositions […]