How to Make DIY Russian Raw Vegan

Food has become a very interesting thing to talk about. Because as we know, there are so many types of food that we can find in this world. Starting from appetizers to desserts. There are also many ways we can do to make existing food ingredients into something delicious to enjoy. Whether it’s processed raw […]

Does Russian Dumplings Should Contain the Kinds of Meat?

There are many ways of doing the Russian dumplings. Just like many of its Russian Food Cultures That Should Be Considered, Russian dumplings fillings can be both sweet, savoury or just plain. It all depends on the changes in seasons, which part of Russia are you at, and your eating preference. Pelmeni is the savoury version […]

Why Do Russian People Love Cooking?

According to foreigners, Russians like to cook a lot of food – often many times more than they can eat. A must-have ingredient in popular dishes is mayonnaise. At first it seems strange to tourists that the hosts may be offended if the guests do not eat everything that they put on the plate. People […]

Hot Tasty Russian Meals That You Should Taste!

Do you like food that is served hot? What kind of food do you like so much? Of course, there are many people who like to eat food that is served when it is still hot. Some even like hot and spicy food. For these people, eating hot foods can further increase their appetite. There […]

Why Do Several Russian Food Recipes Contain Smetana

One of the things that we cannot miss when we are traveling is to taste the local cuisine of the city/country we are visiting. Why? Because each country has its traditional foods that display unique characteristics we will not find in other foods. For example, is Indian foods. The first thing pops up in our […]

3 Healthy Russian Foods Which Are Made By Fruits

Food is one of human’s basic needs. We need it regularly as the source of our energy and nutrients. But, we can also deny that there are many unhealthy foods that we can find easily everywhere. This kind of food usually tastes good, even better than the healthy ones, and does not cost much. Even […]

Russian Fast Food Which Contain Less Calory

What comes to your mind when I say about fast food? You will certainly imagine burgers, pizza, and various other types of fast food. You can easily find these foods because the franchise that sells them already has branches everywhere. Every country in the world has a type of fast food that is becoming popular […]

Russian Food Which Are Similar to Typical Foods in Other Countries

As you well know, there are so many types of food that exists in every country in the world. Foods that exist in one country could also have had similar food in other countries. Although the way to enjoy and additional ingredients in the food may be a little different. When you eat typical food […]

Aspic vs. Kholodets; What Are the Differences?

There is a lot of food in one country that has a similar form to food in another country. That could be due to giving a different name even though the same type of food. People can think of foods as different foods, right? Maybe one of those foods is your favorite food. Do you […]

All You Need to Know About Russian Meat Jelly Before You Eat It

If we are talking about food, of course there will be no end. There are a lot of unique food that exists in every country in the world. And I think, there are still many foods that you don’t know and have never tasted before. That unique food will make you think a little before […]