What You Need To Know About Alexander Nevsky Cathedral In Novosibirsk

When you want to learn about the historical journey of a certain city or country, you can go and visit the museums, theatres, or even the cathedrals. There you can find many facts and information related to the events happened to a certain city or country. For example, when you are in Washington DC, The […]

Yaroslavl; The Russian Original Architecture Indeed

When you are visiting any new places, one of the things that are very interesting to observe is the buildings. Usually, every city has its unique character displayed by its buildings. For example, when you go to any cities in Greece, you will see temples, theatres, and stadiums that are distinctive from any other places […]

6 Facts of Onion Domes: Russian Architectural Design

When you go to a certain place and observe the architecture of it, you will find that each place has its characteristic. Take Toledo for example. This city is known as a UNESCO world heritage because of its 2000 years of history’s reflection of its ancient architecture. You can easily find many interesting architectural buildings, […]

What Is The History Behind Russian Revival Architecture

When we travel to other countries or cities and go sight-seeing, we will see many things that give that particular place a certain characteristic. For example, when you go to New York, you will see tall buildings all over the city. The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre, and Time Square are only a few treasures […]

10 best historical spots in Russia that will stun you up!

Russian history traces back even to millennia ago. This is apparent in many historical places that spread all over the country. Visitors may have a hard time to choose what to visit because of the overwhelming choices. Therefore, we’ve created a list of 10 best historical spots in Russia that will stun you up! 1. […]

5 Beautiful and Most Visited Cities by Tourist in Russia

Last July, 2018 Russian World Cup has officially ended. As many as 32 registered FIFA member countries coming from across the globe have come and ignited the world class euphoria in the host country. You will not only see athletes, but many of soccer fanatics too. Russia is known as the largest and widest country […]

Unique Facts of Russian Architecture

There are main tourist destination in Russia. The destinations usually around the journey of Golden Ring, traveling on big rivers like the Volga. In addition, long distance trips like the Trans-Siberian railway line. Starting from 2013, many people was visit Russia. Its arround 28.4 million tourists. The total makes Russia the 9th most visited country […]

5 Most Famous Historical Places in Russia That Will Amaze You

Every nation has history that leaves some historical places behind. This also includes Russia. As the biggest country in the world, Russia experienced change of power. They also faced the bitterness of World War. That history crafts stories and built some buildings that the people can see today. Those historical buildings can tell some untold […]

9 Most Beautiful Mosques in Russia

Islam is the second biggest religion in Russia. About 20% Russian people are Muslims. Besides, there are about 5,000 registered Muslim organizations in Russia. With such number of Muslims, Russia is a home for around 8,000 mosques and 9 of which are considered as the most beautiful. Here are 9 most beautiful mosque in Russia. […]

5 Oldest Mosques in Russia – Historical and Beautiful

Among 8,000 mosques, there are 5 oldest mosques in Russia. The number of oldest mosques in Russia comes from the fact that Islam has been in Russia since the mid of 7th century AD. This makes Russia be a home for Muslims. Twenty percent of its population are Muslims. Below are 5 oldest mosques in […]