7 Famous facts about White sea, Russia

white sea in russiaIs there another sea that you do not even know in Russia? Do you know White sea is exist? Do you still unbelieve with this sea that named by color? Do you want to know why its called White sea? Well, too much questions would not paid your curiosity. We have to give you more information from now.  White Sea is situated as a Continental Shelf. What does is mean? lest find out below. 

1. Location

White sea located is in a part of Barents Sea, on the south of Barents Sea, exactly. White sea has a surface area of 90.000 square kilometers. It is averageof 197 feet or 60 meters. White sea bordered by :

  • Kola Peninsula to the north, which separate between White Sea and The Barentz Sea. Kola peninsula is covered 40,000 square miles and more extends to the Arctic Circle.
  • Karelia to the west, Half of Karelia was a forested that contain pine,birch, and spruce. On coolest month, in Karelia, the temperature would touch 14°F and almost 7°F in the east. During summer, the temperature in Karelia is touch on number 61°F.
  • Kanin Peninsula to the northeast, which separate White Sea from Cheshskaya Guba , gulf from Barentz Sea. It is covered 4,000 square miles. [Adsense-B]

White sea as a part of Russia internal water which have means that parts of Arkangelsk, Republic of Karelia, and Murmansk Sea. The port of Arkangelsk is based for submarine and naval. Lets find out more 5 Stunning Facts of Pechora Sea, Russia

2. White sea has 4 main bays

White sea has 4 main bays, which are :

  • Kandalakhsa Gulf, that located on the western. This is be the deepest Gulf which have 340m depth.
  • Onega Bay, that located on the south side, Onega bay is connected to the White sea directly.
  • Dvina bay, that located on southeast side, which connect to the Northern Dvina River directly.
  • Mezen bay, located on east side of Gorlo, which ultimately drain into White sea.
3. White sea have some island

There are some of island in White sea, We have done explain to you only the main 3 island, which are :

  • Solovetsky island as a major
  • Key island
  • Veliky island

The sea of Northwest shores are bordered by steep cliffs.

4. Water that drain into white sea

215 cubic kilometers of fresh water brought by the rivers. In every year, water flows mor than 2000 cubic kilometers into White sea. The fresh water only brought in May. The characteristic feature in White Sea is the presence abouth both things, silicates and silicon. The fresh water assist to increases silicates and silicon in the water of the sea.

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5. Sea freeze

During winter season, White sea is freeze.. It happen in around October to November and May to June. The temperature of White sea -1,9 degree Celcius. Most of their floats move into Barents Sea. One thing that you should know is, the level of water during tides is about two meters. What an incridible!  [Adsense-C]

6. Animal that lived in

There are so many animal that lived in White sea. There are more than 700 invertebrete species lived in White Sea. There are over 60 species fish including Atlantic Cod, European Smelt, Herring saffron, and Cod. There are many whales that also lived here such as White whales, bowhead, orca, humpback, northern bottlenose whales and several dolphin species.

Seaweed industry also have a contribution of it. High demand of seaweed increases everyday. That can cause of seaweed that produce in near White Sea is one of the best.

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7. Why its called White sea?

There are two theories that could give us explanation about the name of this beautiful sea. First theory says that because of the sea that covered by ice more than a half year, so it is called white sea. The second theory says that the color of water being white due to the reflection of the northern sky.

Russian have called White Sea as a former name which is Studenoye. In historical story long ago says that, Viking has been called White Sea as ”Bay of Snales”. This happen because of the modes size and capriciously curve of White Sea line. White Sea is still have another name for calling. Russian called White Sea as ”Beloye” which also spell as ”Beloje”.

When it comes to Summer season, there are would be summer short, because of the weather, there would be only warm at 13 -15 degree Celcius. Another bonus fact that you should know is, White Sea is not recommended to you for swim. But, don’t be sad at all, you still had the chance to sea this beautiful sea as nature of Russia.

White sea could be your next destination while visiting Russia. Have you put on your list to travel this Wonderful sea? Hope this article may help you to find out.

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