The 5 Best Destinations in Russia For Spending Your Holiday

1. Moscow Kremlin Moscow also known as Moskwa is the capital of Russia that become the center of politics, economics, culture, and science. In Moscow, there are buildings that are surrounded by walls of fortress are called as Kremlin. So, Kremlin means “fortress” to block the invasion of enemies. Whereas, the building that is located […]

7 Best Places in Moscow for Muslim Traveler

Russia is part of the Soviet Union. As we know that the Soviet Union embraces communism. But it does not mean there is no religious history in this superpower country. Embracing religion in Russia requires a great struggle. Christians were fighting with government to practice their religion and belief. So do with Muslims. The struggle […]

Top 10 Stunning Tourist Attractions in Russia You Can Never Missed

Russia, the largest country in the world. Russia are known for its freezing climate or vodka. However, a thing that makes Russia outstanding is the stunning tourist attractions. These places challenges travelers around the world to come for a visit. This country also boasts about its own heritage and cultural history. Here are the top […]

3 Useful Tips if You Are Travelling to Russia Alone

How many of us are truly inspired to solo travel? Yeap saw those hands. Then how many of us have a dream to solo travel to Russia? Yes, that’s you who are reading this post. Here are the 3 useful tips if you are traveling Russia alone. Yes, alone! 1. The Company of Yourself As […]

5 Famous Place in Moscow, Where Are They in Russia?

Why Moscow? Moscow, the capital and the most populated city in across Russia making it hard to go unnoticed by travelers. It cultured cosmopolitan capital with fascinating buildings. It is a lifetime experience to immerse yourself in history to world-class music and art. Or choose to feast in fabulous delicacies, and to join the nightlife […]