Get the Positive Energy in Ogoy Island; Why Is It Called ‘Pure Land’ in Listvyanka?

Close to the island of Olkhon on Lake Baikal, there exists a mysterious island of Ogoy. Ogoy Island got its name from the Buryat word Uhagui which implies anhydrous. The lengthened state of the island is because of the heading of the current of Lake Baikal, its length is 2.9 kilometers and the width is […]

4 Things to Know about Three Brothers Rocks Before Doing the Snowmobile Safari

For the individuals who land in the capital of Kamchatka by the ocean, the Three Brothers Rocks are somewhat roadside steles at the city entrance. The Avachinskaya Bay starts with them and Kamchatka additionally started with them some time prior, as well.  Traveler’s vessels have long not gone to the landmass, mariners never again comprise […]

Get the Safety Trip Tips Before Going to Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is the fourth biggest city in Russia and the capital of the Ural region. The city was established by the principal Russian Emperor, and imprints where the last Russian Emperor and his family were killed.  UNESCO has named Yekaterinburg one of the world’s twelve perfect urban communities. As the capital of the Urals, a region […]

The Craziest Life Experience in Yekaterinburg 

Old Yekaterinburg is a riddle of a city, one that does not uncover its secrets to simply anybody. However, if you are still curious about the possible craziest life experience you could encounter in Yekaterinburg, then keep on reading. It is because in this article, we have rounded up several surprising spots in this city […]

All Facts About Uchan-Su Waterfall in Yalta 

Yalta‘s beautiful environment cover numerous marvels of nature. Their fixation per square meter rolls over limit, surpassing all imaginable and unimaginable norms. One of them is magnificent Uchan-Su waterfall situated on the southern slope of the wonderful Ai-Petri Mountain.  Its name implies flying water in Crimean Tatar. It is the most noteworthy waterfall in Crimea and also […]

Enjoy the Unusual View When You Are on the Top of Ai-Petri Mountain in Yalta 

While Yalta and Crimea are a bit too argumentative for an easy-going tourism, it does not mean that there are not miracles to be found among the disturbance. For example, the pinnacle of Ai-Petri where high breezes buffet a bunch of shaky suspension bridges for a good portion of the year.  The most outstanding element is […]

All You Need to Know About Russky Park; Historical Cultural Center in Pereslavl-Zalessky

Pereslavl-Zalessky is the pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia. The city is laden with numerous monuments of history, architecture, culture, which become the spots of attraction to everyone who visits the ancient city. Other than monuments, the city also has several parks; one of them is the Russky Park or Russian Park. The whole […]

5 Things to Do in Listvyanka Cableway Area

The cable car in Listvyanka is located in a village on the shores of Lake Baikal. It is where the Angara River begins and leads to the Chersky Stone. Once at the top of the observation deck, which is located at an altitude of 725 m, you can see the beautiful panorama of the lake […]

Lenin Street; The Best Place to Buy the Local Products in Omsk

Lenin Street (from February 9, 1920), the central street of the city ​​of Omsk, is located in the historical building area. It passes from Cathedral Square through the Jubilee Bridge to the Mayakovsky Street that is parallel to Karl Marx Avenue. Here, a unique architectural ensemble of the late 19th to early 20th centuries is […]

How to Travel by Trans-Siberian Railway

If you have only a limited time, but really want to see every corner of Russia, then the Trans-Siberian Railways is the answer. Russia is a very big country that covers around 17 million square kilometers. It covers eleven time zones and over 5,700 miles of distance from west to east. It used to be […]