5 Famous Nightclubs for a Unique Night Sensation in Moscow

New night clubs are constantly opening in Moscow, each of which claims to be the best. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for nightlife lovers to choose one due to the positive reviews. There are some pointers to help to choose the clubs that would fit your taste, though. First of all, guests of nightclubs are […]

6 Recommended Areas to Stay in Moscow to Enjoy Nightlife

As you know, Moscow is a city that never sleeps, so with the onset of night all the fun begins here. Numerous clubs, bars and discos open their doors to everyone who wants to revel in full. You will find here entertainment for every taste and budget. For those who are not limited in finances, […]

Why St. Petersburg is listed as the 4th Best Party City in The World?

The rating of the best cities for parties was made by the portal of Lonely Planet. When compiling the list, the number of clubs, bars, night clubs in the cities, the price of a pint of beer, and the cost of renting a house for a short time were taken into account. For the tenth […]

5 Best Cities in Russia for Nightlife Party

The colder the place, the hotter its vibrations! On this note, you can begin this discourse on the nightlife of a country in which most popular cities thrive in sub-zero conditions, and when night falls, they go out to mark night and lights. The nightlife of Russia thrives on local vodka, freshly brewed beer, concerts […]

How Cool Is Alfa Music in Russia?

You might have heard of the hype of the electronic dance music in Russia and how alive the nightlives in Saint Petersburg and Moscow are. You can easily find good pubs and night clubs in these two largest cities in Russia as well as reasons to go there during big festivals like The White Nights. […]

Let’s Take A Peek Into Nizhny Novgorod Nightlife

Russia is one of the countries famous for the beauty of its cities. Besides Moscow and St. Peterseburg, Nizhny Novgorod is a city that is also famous for its beauty. Lots of favorite tourist destinations in this city. You can find all types of destinations in this city. Especially if you are a lover of […]

5 Best Cities to Visit for Russian Nightlife Party

Russia its probably the coldest place on earth after Antarctica, this place has a really long winter with subzero weather even in summer. Russian will have festivities to warm them up in breezy night, great food, music, and dancing is a common element for Russian nightlife. A place is getting hotter when the air is […]