Do’s And Dont’s In Moscow For Beginner Travelers

beginner travelerRussia is the largest country in the world that has a variety of beautiful destinations. Russia has many things that tourists want. This is what makes Russia increasingly popular among travelers around the world.

They can enjoy art and history with satisfaction in this red bear country. Russia also has a share of beautiful souvenirs that you can bring home. And of course, big cities in Russia are also the main attraction for travelers.

The most popular city in Russia is Moscow. Moscow is the capital of Russia which is always crowded with tourists. Lots of interesting places that you can visit in Moscow. Restaurants, museums and theaters are scattered in this city. The most popular destinations in Moscow are the Kremlin and also the Red Square. The destination is very unique and only owned by Russia. The tourists did not stop coming to visit these destinations.

However, when you visit the Russian capital, there are a number of things you can and cannot do. Especially for beginner travelers who do not know much about the facts and regulations that developed in Moscow. Beginners must have a lot of knowledge before visiting a place. You must know what can and cannot be done in the place you are visiting and one of them is Moscow. In this article, we will help beginners to find out what can and cannot be done when visiting Moscow. Here are the do’s and dont’s in Moscow for beginner travelers.

1. Learn The Cyrillic Alphabet

The first thing you have to do is learn the Cyrillic alphabet. Maybe this doesn’t really matter when you go to Moscow accompanied by a tour guide. However, if you go on vacation alone, then at least you must learn the Cyrillic alphabet and always carry a guidebook.

When you visit popular Moscow destinations such as the Kremlin and Cathedral of Saint Brazil, then you will not know what you are seeing. Because all information is written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Maybe you think that there must also be English there. But the fact is not. All information and place names in Moscow are written in the Cyrillic alphabet. If you don’t understand and are still unfamiliar with the Cyrillic alphabet, then you should go to Moscow accompanied by a tour guide. So that you don’t get lost and get an experience that matches your expectations. Of course it’s very disappointing when you can come to the Kremlin but don’t know what you are seeing.

2. Don’t Choose A Hotel By Its Price

If you want to vacation in Moscow, then you should bring more money. Vacation to Moscow will indeed spend a lot of money. You have to spend a lot of money on food, transportation and lodging costs. If you choose cheap accommodation, you must accept the risk.

Cheap hotels in Moscow are very far from the city center. You have to take the subway to get there. And when you want to visit other destinations in Moscow the next day, you will spend a lot of time on the trip. Therefore, don’t choose a hotel because it’s cheap. You better get a comfortable accommodation and close to the city center at an expensive price, than you spend money and time on cheap transportation and lodging that is very uncomfortable.

3. Dress Up While Walking At Night

Of course this is familiar to you Russian lovers. Russians are very concerned about their appearance from head to toe. They will use their best clothes on every occasion. Especially when they take a walk at night in the city of Moscow. They will look very luxurious and classy.

For those of you beginner travelers, you must be able to adjust. Dress up and use your best clothes when going out at night in Moscow. You don’t need to be afraid that it will look strange, elegant look even if just walking in Moscow is normal. Instead, you will get a “strange” look from a Russian when you go out in the night with ordinary clothes and no make up at all. You have to look perfect to be more appreciated there.

4. Don’t Take Photos Of Government Buildings Or Official Buildings

This is a trivial thing that you must pay attention to and remember. Never take photos of government buildings or buildings that are seen officially in Moscow. You will be arrested and fined for this act. Of course, the fine imposed is also quite large. And you will waste your time when arrested by the authorities.

You can capture your moments on vacation in Moscow by taking photos in the theater, Kremlin, or Red Square. Those are the most popular destinations in Moscow, Russia. And you will not get the risk of being fined.

5. Don’t Be Rude In The Church

The church in Russia is open to anyone. But they also set a number of rules that visitors must follow. You must be careful when visiting the church so as not to interfere with worship services and offend. You also have to use polite clothes.

Women must cover their heads and shoulders when entering the church. In some churches in Moscow and other regions in Russia, a woman must wear a skirt. And they provide skirts available at the door that can be used by visitors who wear pants. Men must take off their hats and not wear shorts.

6. Don’t Be Surprised When You Are Stopped By The Police

Often the police conduct checks on travelers. So, you must always carry your visa, passport, and registration and show when the officer asks to see your document. Russian authorities sometimes expect informal payments from travelers to speed up their services, so always ask for an official receipt.

Those are do’s and don’t’s in Moscow for beginner travelers. You must always know what you can and cannot do so you can travel safely and comfortably. You must pay attention to the above when visiting Moscow. Start adjusting when you visit outside your country. Especially for those of you beginner travelers. Hopefully this article can help you.

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