What Things Russian People Do with Snow?

During the wintertime, there are many things we can do. If you want to stay warm, you can stay inside your house where you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and baked cookies. But, if you want to do something outside, there are many options for activities you can choose from. For example, you can ski during the wintertime. If you can find some slopes or hills near your house, you can take your ski kits and spend some time there along with your friend. If you want to experience taking the lifts then jump out of it into the skiing arena, you can go to a ski resort.

Besides skiing, there is also another activity nature lovers can do, which is hiking. You can find a mountain that provides you with a clear path. The mountain does not need to be so high or has a complicated route. Just the one where you can enjoy some fresh air while sightseeing. Another physical activity you can do is ice skating. During the cold weather, there is a chance that the lakes or rivers are turning into the ice skating arena. This is your chance to get your skates there and just practice your routine on the open-air ice rink!

One of the things we will see all over the place during winter is the snow. The snow, though cold, will give you the beautiful view you can ever imagine. Instead of putting it out of the way,  we can do many things with snow. Here are the things Russian people do with snow.

Snow In Russia

There are many things we can do with the snow. We might want to spend some time thereby playing around there. Or you can just stroll around on the snow. How about the Russians? What things Russian people do with snow? let’s find out.

  • Building Snowmen

When you are thinking about wintertime when snow is falling, snowmen building must be one of the activities that cross your mind. Just like the other countries with 4 seasons weather, Russians also love to build snowmen. The different is, if usually you only see snowmen, with the decoration of the carrot as its nose and a scarf, in Russia, you will find some modification. The classic one wears a fur coat and fur winter hat. Another one is in the face of a guy where it wears a black cap, sunglasses, a scarf, and even some decoration to make it look like it has some mustache. As a decoration for the children, the Russians will even build one of a snowman family. There will be 2 snowmen in a bigger size while the other 3 are built smaller. The bigger ones are the parents the small on are the children. All of them will be put in some hats and scarfs. They all will be pictured as if they are playing some ski.

  • Building Ski Resorts

Some parts of Russia are popular for its ski resort. This is a result of knowing how to take advantage of the natural condition of a place. The first ski resort we are going to talk about it Krasnaya Polyana. This area is located in the Caucasus Mountains. As a place located in a mountain, this spot is home to some ski resorts with Roza Khutor as one of them. This particular resort is famous because of its role as the host of the 2014 winter Olympics. What makes Krasnaya Polyana a great destination for you to visit is because of its complete facilities. There are modern restaurants, apres-ski bars, and some pubs. During the summer, this is where hikers go for its popular hiking track.

Another popular ski resort is located in an urban locality called Sheregesh. Initially, this area was popular as the mining industry. But now, this is where tourists, from Siberia to all over the world, come to do some winter sports, such as snowboarding and skiing. What makes this place unique is they have regulation of the period they will open the area. They are going to open it only from November to April.

Besides those two, this next one is widely known as the tourist destination both for summer and winter. Sochi, one of the Russian cities laying along the Black Sea, has one of the greatest summer beach resort. It is also notable as a winter resort which is proved by its role as the host of the 2014 winter Olympics. If you are going to this city, besides its prominent ski resort, you can also enjoy its palm-filled parks and neoclassical buildings all over the town.

After we learn about what things Russian people do with snow, we can say that they are very smart in making the most out of something, right?

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