5 Famous Female Celebrities That Were Born in Russia

Yes, we all do know that Russian women are very beautiful. It seems that they have their own secrets in preserving their authentic Russian beauty. But pure beauty is not the main drive of one woman’s success. In fact, the world is too cruel for a woman who relies upon her beauty only. To complement […]

8 World Celebrities Who Were Able to Speak Russian

We don’t know for sure, but it seems that learning the Russian language has been a favorite activity these days. Many people learn Russian in schools or online courses just because they want to. Check these best sites to learn Russian online for free! If you have learned to speak Russian too, then so did […]

5 Best Video Games Set in Russia (must play!)

Some of you might want to play a game where you can find some unique sets. Or maybe you’re just too bored to see a fantasy world that is far from realistic. Well, we’ll suggest that you’ll have to look towards Russia. Russia has many interesting places and stories to be put in video games. […]

Top 5 video games set in the Soviet Union (You should play it!)

The Soviet Union is, in fact, a behemoth. Its large territory spans across Eurasia, making it the largest land country. Unfortunately, this gargantuan does not live long enough, and it merely survived for a single human lifetime. Even though the Soviet Union is short-lived, during its reign it has carved many important histories. Its histories […]

8 Creepy and Annoying Playgrounds in Russia

A playground is a place where your kids supposed to play and have some fun. Most Russian public playgrounds in big cities are well-maintained, and people of all ages love to visit them. It is no wonder why visiting playgrounds is one of the Russian kids’ favorite activities, especially during holidays. There are some playgrounds […]

8 Popular Russian Characters in Video Games

Russians have their own distinct characters which make them easily recognized by people around the world. Not only in real life, some Russian characters in video games also makes gaming experience feels colorful.  These characters have a major impact on the game’s experience as they mostly play as important characters in the game. Some of them […]

6 Best Video Games Made by Russian Developers

You cannot separate the arts from Russia. Since its first reign as an empire, Russia has flourished its culture in beautiful fine arts, magnificent literary works, epic theatrical plays, films, and music. Aside from that, Russians also have made many digital artworks such as video games since the late Soviet era. Gaming is the most popular […]

5 Top Recommended Russian Language Movies

Russia is a country that has a long experience. Starting from the political regime of The Russian Empire before 1917, The Soviet Union (1917-1991), and the last is The Russian Federation (1991-present). The long history that Russia passed through certainly greatly influenced this country in various aspects. Political, educational, social, and even artistic aspects that […]

4 Best Russian Horror Movies (Only If You Dare To Watch)

Everyone has different hobbies. And if there is free time, many people spend their time with their hobbies. Watching movies is one of the most popular activities for many people. Watching movies does provide many benefits, and not a futile activity. Apart from being entertaining, we often get inspiration from films. And of course, films […]

4 Most Romantic Russian Movies Of All Time

Movie is one of the media to channel creativity and the message to be conveyed to the audience. A good movie is a movie that can give moral values ​​and life to the audience. Besides that, watching movies is also a favorite activity of many people because it’s entertaining. In fact, many of them make […]