5 Breathtaking Facts of Avacha Bay of Russia

avacha bayDo you have a plan to travel Russia? Are you interesting to explore more to nature in Russia? Well, we give you the exactly answer.  Russia have a nature that can explore.  Nature that does not only about ice and freeze. Its  all  about crystal clear natuire. The river,bay, small island, habitat of rare mammals, there would be in one place. One place that can give you all of it.

How can you find the beautiful nature in Russia? Avacha bay is a place to travel in Russia. You have to add Avacha bay to your list while traveling Russia. This bay was the incredible bay that Russia have.  We want you to know more about Avacha bay, here are 5 Breathtaking facts of Avacha bay of Russia.

  • Avacha bay location

Avacha bay located on southeastern of Kamchatka Peninsula, a Pacific ocean bay, exactly.  The Avacha bay is one of the largest bay that any ship could fit in. It has 24 km long and 3 km wide and maximum depth of 26m. This bay is one of the best that Russia have. Avacha bay have a complete collection of nature. You can find small island, great rare mammals that live in here, and also the most important, you have to tour the nature by yourself using motorboat or sail. It would be fun ! Get to know 6 Favorite Lakes To Do Swimming Festival in Russia

  • Tri brata, a place to visit

There is a place to visit in Avacha bay, named Tri brata or Three Brothers. In Russia history,  in ancient times there are three young men and handsome brother that stood up to prevent a big tsunami that happened. Then they were be stood up ever. This will be a place to visit. Tri brata located in Kamchatka Region, Russia. If you want to visit Tri brata, you have to sail the boat about 20 minutes then arrive here. This wonderful place would give you an eyegasm that make you feel better. This nature that Russia only have in the world! Add tri brata to your longlist place to visit in Russia! Lets get more scroll.

  • Avacha River

Avacha river flow to theAvacha bay. Did you know the breathtaking fact? Avacha bay would freeze in winter season. What an amazing! This bay would freeze and the view of Avacha bay scenery would shocked you so much! You can have a tour in Avacha bay whether in Summer nor Winter season. The beautiful scenery would not disssapointed you. Scroll more 5 Trends Of Muslim Fashion In Russia

  • End of the world

Avacha bay often heard as end of the world. Why did it comes? Because of the nature. If you have seen on your plane in Avacha bay, you would see a quite place that very beautiful. Then if you take a closer to the Avacha bay, you woould realize how amazing the scenery it is. There are big stones and small island that very natural. In a quite place you would not disappointed anymore to get this place. [Adsense-B]

  • Sea Lion habitat

On the coast of Avacha bay, you could see steller sea lion habitat near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city. You can have a scenery of some sea lion that have sunbathing, or lay down to the rock of bay. This would be a rare scenery for you because of this mammals habitat is less now. Read also 5 Stunning Facts of Pechora Sea, Russia

We have done explain to you the breathtaking facts. Does this facts make you feel want to know more about Russia? Well, you need to travel to Russia and see with your own eyes the scenery, the nature, and also the beautiful all of it by yourself. Hope this article would so much help you to get to know more about Russia.

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