10 Place You Should Visit In Russia to See The Beautiful Scenery

Hello friends, now we want to explore Russia with you. Have you known some cities in Russia? Russia is the largest country ,though. It is a bit difficult to find the beauty in a largest country and most of all there’s nuclear anyway. But, now we want you to know more the beauty of Russia. […]

10 Mysterious Citites In Russia You Are Not Allowed To Visit

Hello friends, now we meet again in this article. For now, we want you to know more about 10 Mysterious Citites In Russia You Are Not Allowed To Visit. Lets jump right in ! Seversk in Tomsk Oblast, Russia Seversk is a city which located near Tomsk River. Seversk was a  closed city. Wellknows as […]

8 Dangerous Volcanoes Of Russia You Should Not Approach

Hello friends, we meet again. Today we want to add some knowledge for you about Russia. The interesting fact about Nature in Russia. Now we want to explore more about the nature in Russia. As we know, Russia had all the nature, both eyegasm and dangerous. Have you recognize the eyegasm nature in Russia? Do […]

Most Active Volcanoes of Russia You Should Know

Russia is full of snow. Whether with this condition, did you know that Russia is still have the Active Volcanoes? Well, we could says this because you have to know this fact. We present to you more about Most Active Volcanes of Russia You Should Know. In 10 volcanoes active, there are 9 volcanoes that […]

5 Interesting Facts about Kamchatka Peninsula

Do you ever heard about Kamchatka Peninsula? What is Kamchatka Peninsula? This is one of the famous peninsula in Russia.  What about some facts that we will give to you. Hope it would help you to know more about. Lets take a look. Kamchatka Peninsula located in eastern Russia. It is 1250 square kilometers long, […]

7 Famous facts about White sea, Russia

Is there another sea that you do not even know in Russia? Do you know White sea is exist? Do you still unbelieve with this sea that named by color? Do you want to know why its called White sea? Well, too much questions would not paid your curiosity. We have to give you more […]

5 Surprising facts of Caspian Sea, Russia

Russia is circle by sea. Do you want to know about Russia more? On the whole area which are east,west,north,and south is sea. Let us add your knowledge more about Russia’s sea. We would like to give you a brief explanation about all of Russia’s sea. But for now, Lets start with Caspian sea. Have […]

5 Breathtaking Facts of Avacha Bay of Russia

Do you have a plan to travel Russia? Are you interesting to explore more to nature in Russia? Well, we give you the exactly answer.  Russia have a nature that can explore.  Nature that does not only about ice and freeze. Its  all  about crystal clear natuire. The river,bay, small island, habitat of rare mammals, […]

5 Stunning Facts of Pechora Sea, Russia

What are you looking for in Russia sea? Is that enough when you know facts about 7 Wonderful facts of Barents Sea? Well, We want you to know more about the Russia sea. Russia have another unique and interesting sea beside Barent sea. The located is near Barents Sea. Well, your curiousity will leads you […]

7 Wonderful facts of Barents Sea, RUSSIA

Would you like to explore Russia more? Here we are , we will guide you where to travel in Russia especially if you loved beach so much. We will present to you 7 wonderful facts of Barents Sea in Russia. Lets scroll more over for get to know more . Well,  Is Russia have a […]