Pick These Things Up on Your Pocket to Celebrate the Russian New Year!

Welcoming the new year is a time when everyone is happy because they can gather with their family or closest friends. They will prepare as much as possible about all events or similar things that they will hold. It doesn’t matter what the example is. Each country has its own preparations to celebrate the New […]

Why Does Russian People Celebrate the New Year by Skating in The Red Square?

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Odd Things That Can Be Found Only in Russian Tourists’ Bag

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5 Values of Russian New Year’s Ball

The new year is coming soon! Many people welcomed the new year with joy. There will be many activities that can be done because it is a holiday. Everyone will have fun when the new year holiday comes because they can spend time with family and close friends. Many countries in the world usually carry […]

Moscow Or St. Petersburg; Which Is the Better Place to Spend Holiday?

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How Easy Is It to Travel to Russia?

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Maslenitsa Fastcake Festival; What Are the Groovy Points for the Newcomer?

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Is It Good to Visit Black Sea in Anapa On Your Holiday?

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What Makes Lake Seliger Is Being Enchantment to Visit in Winter?

What comes to your mind when hearing about “the winter season”? Maybe things that are commonly mentioned could be about snow, cold and freezing. Not many people mention the beautiful scenery that only exists in winter. Just like other countries experiencing winter, Russia also has a lot of places in each country that have very […]

Tips to Get the Cheapest Holiday in Russian Over the Winter Season

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