Foreigner Tips! How To Survive The Russian Winter

For you who love to travel all over the world, you must try to travel to Russia during the wintertime. There, you can see the different views of the city when it is covered with layers of snow. You will see how beautiful the cities are with the touch of white all over it.

Winter can be a harsh time, especially in Russia where the weather is widely known as super cold. Even some parts of Russia are recognized as the coldest parts of the world.

During your holiday there, you must make sure to keep your body warm. You do not want your vacation to get ruined because of feeling unwell due to the weather right? To know how to get through the cold weather, here are some foreigner tips on how to survive the Russian weather.

Survival Tips For The Russian Weather

In general, the weather in Russia is very cold. There are some variations in cold temperatures. For example, if you are in Sochi, which located 1600 kilometers in the south of Moscow, you will feel the wether of as low as -6 C even in February. It is even worse if you are in Yakutsk. A city which is located 8.300 kilometers in the east of Moscow has a severe climate. In February, the weather is freezing. It can reach even to the very low of -33 C.

Yes, when you read it like that, it might seem like a horrible decision to go visit Russia. But, afraid not! You can still have a lot of fun during your vacation in Russia. You just need to follow these foreigner tips on how to survive the Russian weather.

  • Wear your warmest clothes

The easiest way to keep your body warm is to wear layers of clothes. This is a very important part especially if you are planning to do a lot of outdoor activities. Start from the head, make sure you are wearing a wool hat or beanies. Then, put a scarf around your neck. For the top, make sure you are wearing a few layers of clothes. You can wear a sweater or at least a long-sleeve shirt. For the bottom, wear your warmest pants. Put on a couple of socks before you put on your boots.

If you want to feel even warmer, put on a couple of leather gloves. You can also add ear muffs into your whole clothing so you feel even warmer.

This is an important tip. If you are going to do outdoor activities, make sure to put thermal underwear underneath all of your clothes. That way, you do not need to worry you will feel cold outside.

  • Waterproof Boots

It is already mentioned above that to make sure you are still warm, according to the foreigner tips on how to survive the Russian winter, you must wear your boots. This is what you must really pay attention to. Make sure the boots you are wearing are waterproof. You should also wear the ones with a good grip on the sole. During winter, there will be icy or slippery ground all over the city. Slipping on the ice happens all the time in this weather. So, next time you are in Russia, make sure to bring your best boots!

  • Put On Some Skin Care

You must be aware that after you are wearing all of the warm clothes, the only part of your body that is exposed to the cold weather is your face. The cold temperature will cause some negative effects on your skin face. At the very least, it will be dry. To prevent this from happening, make sure to put on some oil-based skincare. It will keep your skin moisturized. Remember not to use the water-based one because it will only make your skin condition worse.

  • Drink Hot Tea

Yes, even if Russia is famous for its vodka, it is not recommended to drink vodka in Russia during the wintertime. Why? Vodka and other alcoholic beverages will indeed give your body the sensation of warmth. But it can turn out to be dangerous. When you are consuming alcohol, your body can fail to notice the cold. This will lead to frostbite. This already happens to homeless people which unfortunately caused death. So, even when the weather gets very cold, remember to drink some hot tea instead of any alcoholic beverages.

Now we have learned about some foreigner tips on how to survive the Russian weather. Make sure to use it on your next trip there!

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