5 Private Things That Should Not Be Asked When You Talk to Russian Woman

Speaking has indeed become commonplace in people’s daily lives. In a conversation, many people will open up and be happy to answer all the questions asked by the questioner. But in that conversation, there are some things you should know and realize before you hurt the feelings of the person you are asking. When talking […]

5 Facts Of Russian Women’s National Football Team

Russia is always a big part of any sports activities in the world. Moreover, the Most Popular Sports In Russia Today include the controversy national Football team. The fact that Russian woman is considered feminine, and beautiful woman in the world, it backfires that woman playing football does not portray the real true Russian woman characteristic. Looking […]

7 Cons Of Dating A Russian Woman Every Man Should Know

In the dating life, there are stereotypes and there is prejudice. However, then you are in love, nothing really matters. Some people also said that love is blind. Maybe she is too good for you, or the other way around. Now, when it comes to dating a Russian woman, they have the most stereotype out […]

5 Famous Female Celebrities That Were Born in Russia

Yes, we all do know that Russian women are very beautiful. It seems that they have their own secrets in preserving their authentic Russian beauty. But pure beauty is not the main drive of one woman’s success. In fact, the world is too cruel for a woman who relies upon her beauty only. To complement […]

Best Gifts During International Women’s Day in Russia

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “gift”? Good items and you really want it. Everyone will definitely be happy when they receive a gift from someone they care about. When there is a big celebration and has a special meaning, it will certainly be used to give a gift to someone […]

Story About Russia’s International Women’s Day

You must be familiar with International Women’s Day, right? Or maybe there are also such celebrations in your country? There must be some background behind the International Women’s Day all over the world. Whether it’s in the form of a different atmosphere of celebration, giving a holiday when celebrating, or maybe about the events that […]

8 Diet Secret of Russian Women For You to Copy

If we talked about Russian women, sure we will remember how beauty and proportional they are. Russian is known as a perfect human, both the man and the woman. They have a beautiful face, skin, eyes and even their hair is shinning so wonderfully. Other than the beauty, Russian is also featured with a perfect […]

3 Secrets of Russian Models to Keep Their Skin Smooth

We wouldn’t stops talking about Russian beauty. The famous for its beauty and good body shapes. One of the envious things is that they have a bright, smooth skin like a doll. It is true that they born to be beauty, but them also put a great effort in maintaining their beauty. Moreover, there are […]

8 Beauty Benefits of Vodka For Skin Treatment

Beauty treatment has become in another level. There are many kinds of skin treatment that can be considered as a weird and impossible way. Skin treatment usually uses more natural and home – applied ingredients and tools. Let’s say that many person especially woman use many kinds of herbs, fruit and even vegetable to get […]

10 Free Russian Beauty Hacks that’ll give you clearer skin

Russia is always become the best topic to talked about if we discussing about Culinary, culture and of course beauty. As we all know, that Russian model is always mentioned to have the best feature. They have a great body, hair and skin. But the fact is, that not only the models that have the […]