Do You Want To Get New Experiences About Automobiles In Russia? Let’s Visit Togliatti!

When we are talking about Russia, the first thing comes up in our mind is vodka. The word ‘Vodka” is the short version of “Voda”, a Slavic word which means water. This is a good description of how Russians drink vodka, they drink it like water. Russians enjoy vodka with many kinds of dishes, such […]

7 Most Favorite Type of Transportation Used in Russia

Around the world there are many types of transportation that are often used and become a favorite of the citizens. Selection of the type of transportation always adjusts to the needs of its users. You certainly have the type of favorite transportation from your country of origin, right? Do you have any plans to visit […]

8 Unbelievable Facts of Rail Transport in Russia

Are there any of you who like to travel by train? Whether it’s for daily activities or for a vacation. Traveling by train sometimes gives a special impression for someone who wants to relax while enjoying a trip. They can enjoy the scenery around during the trip. But, do you know about railroads in Russia? […]

4 Commonly Used Transportation in Soviet Union

To travel to a place, people need a vehicle as their transportation. If you are asked about transportation that is common in your country, what is your answer? Sometimes the answers of everyone in a particular country can be different from each other. Each country certainly has certain common transportation that is often used by […]

How to Get a Driving license in Russia for Foreigners

Are you planning to live in Russia? Do you need to use private transportations for your activities there? Then one of the most important things you have to concern about is driving license. Driving license is an official declaration that stated you are eligible to drive on roads. Every country has its own policy on […]

5 Facts You Need to Know about Russian Drivers

Russia actually doesn’t have a good reputation for its drivers and traffic conditions. We can easily find short videos on Youtube of unbelievable traffic accidents in Russia, from cars’ collisions until the fight between drivers. In 2010, the statistics showed that more than 2000 people killed in traffic accidents. The good news is, Russian governance […]

5 Differences Living in Moscow and Saint Petersburg (Must Know!!)

If you had an experience travelling to or living in Russia, you might have traveled to two of the most attractive tourist destinations, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. If you haven’t, you may want to go there when you get a chance. In addition to becoming popular tourist destinations, both Moscow and St. Petersburg are Russia’s […]