Raw Vegan Cake Shop in Moscow; Is It Possible to Find?

Vegetarianism is a way of diet that only includes nutrition of vegetable and dairy foods with the rejection of meat of animal origin (including poultry, fish and seafood). Some vegetarian options may exclude eggs and dairy products. Veganism is the most severe form of vegetarianism, excluding the consumption of all sorts of animal products. Vegan […]

How Much Time Do You Need to Bake Tvorozhnik?

Syrniki are what commonly known as fritters; fried cakes of cottage cheese mixed with flour or semolina and eggs. In Russia, this delicacy is also known as tvorozhnik. Syrniki are usually fried in vegetable oil, but some recipes require baking them in the oven. The recipe’s peculiarity is that the cottage cheese must be carefully […]

Fastest Way to Make Napoleon Cake in Hurry Time

When we talk about cakes, what comes to mind are sweet and moist desserts. Some think to buy the desired cake at the nearest pastry shop and some choose to make the cake themselves at home. Starting from simple cakes to complicated cakes. In every country in the world, there are many cakes that we […]

Is Meringue Cake Interpreted as Wedding Cake in Russia?

If we talk about marriage, what comes to mind for some people is the wedding party itself. And one of the things that usually always there at the wedding is the wedding cake. This wedding cake has special meaning for some people’s cultures. There are many types of wedding cakes that we can find in […]

Kolobok; The Funniest Russian Cake Which Is Adopted from Russian Fairytales

There are lots of cakes that we can enjoy when visiting a country. It could even be that the cake was made because it was inspired by something. For example, for the respect of important figures in the country, an event that occurred in that country to the characters in the country’s fairytales. The shape […]

Russian Napoleon Cake vs. French Napoleon Cake; What Are the Differences?

Desserts such as cake does have a lot of fans. The sweet and moist taste of the cake will make fans feel happy when eating it. Are you one of them? There are many types of cakes that can be enjoyed in all countries in the world. Each country has a unique cake that will […]

Antimainstream Medovik Cake Creation Over the Russian Cake Store

Are you happy and really like sweet desserts? As we all know there are a lot of sweet dessert that we can enjoy. Whether it’s homemade or bought in a store nearby that sells desserts. In various countries in the world, there are so many desserts that have been modified so that they are often […]

Moist Russian Honey Desserts to Fill Up Your Romantic Dinner

Are you among those who like honey and all dishes that contain honey? I think there are many of you who really like dishes that have honey ingredients in them. Honey will certainly provide its own sweet taste in dishes that are made. That special sweet taste is what people really like. There are some […]

How to Make Russian Piping Cake with Kahlua White?

If we talk about liquor, of course there are many types of liquor that you know of and which you can mention. Starting from liquor that has a low alcohol content to those that have a high alcohol content. But did you ever know about liquor that can be used for food ingredients? As we […]

3 Best Variants of Kissel Soup with Recipes

If we are talking about desserts, many of you are going to mention the desserts are popular in your country. Dessert can be in the form of food and can also be in the form of drinks. Although desserts are predominantly served cold, there are also desserts that are served hot. Every country has a […]