How Important is Tequila for Margarita Recipe?

To those who are familiar with drinks, margarita is definitely not a strange or new name. It is an alcoholic cocktail based on tequila. It is included in the number of official cocktails of the International Barmen Association (IBA) under the category of Contemporary Classics. Classified as an all-day cocktail, margarita is one of the […]

How Important is Vodka in Russian Food Serving?

Vodka with food? For many Westerners this might be an unusual combination, because they drink alcohol separately – although many of them love to have wine after meals. But in Scandinavia, Poland and the countries of the former USSR, where vodka is the national alcoholic beverage, it has been drunk for centuries with food. According […]

The Benefit of Blue Russian Drink for Our Health

Traditionally in Russia, vodka is one of the most popular spirits. It has even become one of the nation’s symbols of identity. The history of vodka is long and old, started in a monastery where a monk tried to find the “water of life” after it was learned that grape wine could not be produced […]

Taaka Vodka; a Kind of Smooth and Exclusive American Vodka

There are usually two points about vodka that get misunderstood. First, vodka is not a liquor brand. It is a type of alcoholic beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol made from distilled starch- or sugar-rich plants such as rye, corn, wheat, or sorghum. Second, vodka is not always produced in Russia. Yes, it is […]

Is Russian Bloody Mary Good For Our Health?

If you drink cocktail, or are at least familiar with the names of mixed drinks, then you should have heard of Bloody Mary. It is on the list of the most popular cocktails and often mentioned in movies and song lyrics. The main ingredients for this drink are vodka and tomato juice. But, just because […]

All Facts About Caesar Drink That You Need To Know

There are many kinds of alcoholic beverages we can enjoy. The most common one is beer. You can have it with some meals, snacks, or just enjoy it while you are hanging out with some friends. Another alcoholic drink that many people love is wine. Everybody knows how drinking wine with some foods can produce […]

What Does Potato Vodka Mean?

There are many things we can associate with Russia. The people are known for their serious facial expression and very low interest in chit-chat. Russia is also famous for its popular poets and writers that contribute many great works for the world of literature. Besides that, people also know Russians for their love of vodka. […]

Why Is Vodka Being The Best Russian Drink

Everybody has their favorite drinks. Some people claim themselves as coffee-lover. They would start their day every day by having a cup of coffee and have another one later in the afternoon with some snacks. Some people put the smoothie in the top list of their favorite drink. Since it is made from various kinds […]

4 Things To Know Before Drinking Moscow Mule

Everybody has their own favorite drink. For example, there are some people who love coffee and cannot start their day without getting coffee into their system first. Some people enjoy tea more than anything else and like to drink it in the morning or in the afternoon with some cookies. Both of those drinks are […]

Russian Beverage Time: How to Combine Kahlua and Cream Perfectly?

Kahlua may have been developed by the Mexicans, but the rich coffee-based liqueur has grown into a beloved beverage all over the world, including Europe and Russia. It is so favored by Europeans, Russians, and Americans alike that they create various type of cocktails, soft drinks, and cakes using the combination of Kahlua and other […]