Russian Mouthwatering Food Made by Tvorog

There are a lot of dairy products that can be used as a mixture for making a food or dessert. This dairy product will add flavor to the food or dessert that we make. Dairy products can be butter, yogurt, cheese and many others. Each country has their own dairy products. Although at first glance […]

Russian Dressing Chicken: How to Make It for Dinner

You must be familiar with dishes with chicken ingredients, right? There may be many of you who make this chicken-based dishes as one of your favorite foods. What I am saying is true, right? As we know, there are many types of dishes that use chicken as the main ingredient of that dish. The way […]

Hot Tasty Russian Meals That You Should Taste!

Do you like food that is served hot? What kind of food do you like so much? Of course, there are many people who like to eat food that is served when it is still hot. Some even like hot and spicy food. For these people, eating hot foods can further increase their appetite. There […]

How to Make Beef Stroganoff DIY?

Are you one of those people who like meat-based dishes? What kind of dish do you like? Around the world there are certainly many types of delicious meat-based dishes. As you know, there are many ways to cook the meat. Starting from the dish for appetizers to the main meal. But, have you ever heard […]

Russian Fast Food Which Contain Less Calory

What comes to your mind when I say about fast food? You will certainly imagine burgers, pizza, and various other types of fast food. You can easily find these foods because the franchise that sells them already has branches everywhere. Every country in the world has a type of fast food that is becoming popular […]

Russian Food Which Are Similar to Typical Foods in Other Countries

As you well know, there are so many types of food that exists in every country in the world. Foods that exist in one country could also have had similar food in other countries. Although the way to enjoy and additional ingredients in the food may be a little different. When you eat typical food […]

All You Need to Know About Russian Meat Jelly Before You Eat It

If we are talking about food, of course there will be no end. There are a lot of unique food that exists in every country in the world. And I think, there are still many foods that you don’t know and have never tasted before. That unique food will make you think a little before […]

The Lists of Russian Food Are Composed by Cherry

There are many types of fruit that are everyone’s favorite. The fruit can be cooked until it becomes a delicious food. One of the fruits is cherry. Cherries can be used for several types of food throughout the world. One of them is Russian food. Cherries can be combined with Russian food, especially as a […]

7 Famous Pies All Over Russia You Gotta Taste

Enjoying the sunset will be more fun if accompanied with pastries and a cup of tea or coffee. Pastries can also be used as snacks before lunch or dinner time. It also fits into a sweet and savory dessert. Among the many types of pastries, what kind of pastry do you like? Do you like […]

Satay or Barbeque? Let’s Make Russian Shashlik

Dishes made from meat do indeed increase our appetite. There are many ways to cook the meat into a delicious dish, be it an appetizer or main course. In fact, even just use a little seasoning, the meat can also taste good. In all countries in the world have their own ways to cook meat […]