What is Like The First Day of Spring in Russia?

What is on your mind when i said spring? the sun shine warmly, the tree are beginning to let us see the color, or maybe the flower start to bloom? But one thing that people will be happy is when they finally see the ice melt. Ice that come every winter put a lot of […]

Suitable Clothes To Wear During Spring In Russia

Do you plan to go to Russia? Do you plan to vacation or work in Russia in the spring? If your answer is yes, maybe this article will help you to find suitable clothes to wear during spring in Russia. ABOUT SPRING IN RUSSIA Russia is the largest country in the world. The largest area […]

Packing List For Trip To Russia In Blooming Spring Time

If you want summer tours but don’t like crowds, May is the best time. Winter ends in February to early March. But cold temperatures and a pool of molten snow usually last until mid-April. The temperature in early May has begun to warm. Daytime starts to feel long, but the air remains cool. It’s very […]

6 Things Russian Loves To Do in Spring Time

There are so many things Russian loves to do in spring time. If you get a chance to go to Russia during March until April, you may find that Russia is in spring time. Although the weather is still cold, at least there is not much snow falling. Moreover, you can see the first sunlight […]