4 Summer Things You Can Do In A Russian Mountain Resort In Krasnaya Polyana

When we are talking about a mountain resort, we must be thinking that we can only do activities there during the winter. If you have been looking for going there during summer for vacation, you can start to make the plan from now. One of the most popular and luxurious mountain resorts in Russia is […]

4 Everlasting Things You Can Do Any Season Only In Sochi

As one of the cities in Russia, Sochi is popular as the resort city. With this title, it is very natural for many people to expect to find many attractive places and activities in Sochi. What makes this place is even more interesting is the fact that it has subtropical weather. This means you are […]

3 Interesting Places To Spend On Holiday In Sochi

Sochi is one of the cities in Russia which popular as Russia’s largest resort city. As a resort city, Sochi has tourism as the main component of its economy. As the largest resort city, Sochi has a pretty big population. According to the census, there is an increase from 2002 to 2010. In 2002, there […]

7 Things to Do in Yalta During December Vacation 

Numerous travellers associate the captivating Crimean city with the blistering sun, awesome sea shores, pleasant nature, and exceptional architectural landmarks.  These contemplations are totally valid. Yalta is a brilliant city for the individuals who need to unwind in a wonderful and sentimental spot. Yalta is the most prevalent and most acclaimed Crimean resort. It is […]

Top 7 Best Guest House in Russia that Feels Like Home

Various of hotels are built to cater perfectly to traveller’s needs. Some travellers might find it necessary to stay in best and easy hotel to reach in Russia that are perfect for tourist, but then some might prefer friendly budget hotels in Moscow for tourist that’s good enough to cater for their needs. Hotel, hostel, […]

12 Needed Items You Should Pack For 2 Weeks In Russia

Who does not like to holiday? Especially if a holiday abroad. Have you ever thought about spending a vacation in Russia? Russia has many amazing destinations. Moscow is famous for technological advances but still maintains ancient Russian cultures. Another interesting city in Russia is St. Petersburg. This city in northern Russia has millions of interesting […]

15 Things To Prepare For Beach Vacation In Russia

There are many amazing destination in Russia for you who like to traveling. Beach has always been a favorite tourist destination for people. Especially during the summer. The sound of waves, sunset or sunrise views, white sand, is a missed sight when traveling to the beach. Beach is one of the places that is pretty […]

6 Things Russians Like To Do in Summer Season

Are you curious about activities that Russians doing during summer? Well, most of them are actually just about the same with other 4-season countries. However, they have some activities that probably do not exist in your country. For your information, summer in Russia can be really challenging. The maximum temperature during the season can exceed […]