December Special: Special Events in Russia Before 2019 Ends

Russia has an incredible offering of the travel industry, and subsequent to perusing this article, you will get the total image of the Russian events you should enjoy before welcoming the new year, what they bring to the table for travelers, and so on. Participation in events is an incredible open door for hunting new […]

11 Most Famous Facts of Wild Mint Folk Festival in Russia

What’s the plan for Summer? If you travel to Russia and hang around Moscow around June, you might want to consider Wild Mint Folk Festival in your itinerary. There’s no better way to spend summer than dancing and have fun at the festival. Wild Mint Folk Festival is the largest music event in Russia. It’s […]

Top 2 Russian Events that Held in February

Top Russian Events that Held in February – Russia, one of the largest countries in the world stretches on two continents, namely Asia and Europe with an area of ​​more than 17 million km2. In 1991, Russia was formed from the division of the Soviet Union and became the largest country with the largest population […]

What Are The Festive Months In Russia? Get To Know Here!

When is the great time to visit Russia? Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world because it borders the North Pole. Visiting Russia in the winter will be very special moment, that is a challenge for you. You can feel the coldest place in Russia, which is definitely an experience you will […]