5 Values of Russian New Year’s Ball

The new year is coming soon! Many people welcomed the new year with joy. There will be many activities that can be done because it is a holiday. Everyone will have fun when the new year holiday comes because they can spend time with family and close friends. Many countries in the world usually carry […]

A to Z Wedding Traditions that Should be Followed When You Got a Russian Soulmate 

Love is an incredible experience and one of its most noticeable landmarks is the big day. On the off chance that you are going to get married with Russian, you may consider doing it in Russia itself. From kidnapping and impediment courses to actually being an eminence during the wedding, there are such a significant […]

Can Ivan Kupala Be Followed by All Ages? 

Commended every year the evening of July 6th and 7th in Russia, the Feast of Ivan Kupala marks the northern half of the globe summer solstice with different ceremonies and uncommon foods being a part of the event.  While today’s Ivan Kupala festivities are said to be devoted to John the Baptist — Ivan being the Christian holy person’s Slavic […]

The Reasons Why Baby Shower is forbidden in Russia

Welcoming a baby into the world involves different customs based on the local culture. It is mostly seen as a way to send good hopes and wishes for the soon-to-be-born baby so they would come healthy and well. However, a baby is always an amazing gift. Baby shower is among the most common and popular […]

Tea Time Rules in Russia that Should Be Considered 

Tea utilization in Russia started in the main portion of the 17th century. There are a few reports that Russian Tsar, Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov, got a few boxes of tea as a blessing from Chinese diplomats back in 1618.   Like in France, tea ended up prominent in Russia above all else as a mending drink, yet before long, […]

The Russian Rag Dolls Are So Unique. Do You Know Why?

Everything traditional and ethnic is always beautiful because it shows a lot about a country’s identity. Start from the food to the dance and music. Russia has some of the most popular folk arts in the world that a lot of people desire to collect such as Gzhel porcelain, Matryoshka dolls, Tula Samovar, Vologda Lace, […]

Despite Russian Easter Celebrated Happily, Our Tummy Needs Their 3 Easter Food Version

When we talk about Russia, there are many things about its culture and people which are very interesting to talk about. Talking about Russians, data shows that the religions show the sign of diversity. There are not only people who believe and practice the religion of Russian Orthodox and Islam but also other religions such […]

4 Old Traditions in Russia That Still Applied by Millennials

Old traditions reflect an important piece of our culture. They help shape the structure and basis of both our families and our society. They remind us that we all are part of a history that forms our past, defines who we are today, and who we are likely to become. Once we shrug off the […]

What Things That Should be Prepared to Attend Birthday Party in Russia

Birthday celebrations are some of the more important occasions that we must attend several times every year. A birthday by itself signifies someone’s beginning in life and tends to be quite personal. However, a birthday party is a mean to express thanks to God for being born, as well as an opportunity to strengthen one’s […]

8 Unknown facts of Ivan Kupala night festival

Every country has its own customs and traditions. It is what makes each country unique and interesting to explore. Because sometimes, that said tradition can be found elsewhere in the world. This is especially true in Russia, where it’s one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. People dwelling in the west part […]