Why Russian Women Prefer to Wear Stilettos?

Everyone knows that Russian women are beautiful and take fashion very seriously. It is not unusual that they dress up as if they were going to a gala dinner in the Kremlin, but in fact they just decided to drop by the shops. High heels are a clear favorite, so Russian women can be seen […]

5 Private Things That Should Not Be Asked When You Talk to Russian Woman

Speaking has indeed become commonplace in people’s daily lives. In a conversation, many people will open up and be happy to answer all the questions asked by the questioner. But in that conversation, there are some things you should know and realize before you hurt the feelings of the person you are asking. When talking […]

7 Reasons Why Russians Girls Are Rare to Keep Long Distance Relationships

 Some lovers have been separated since long time ago for many reasons. During the world war, the men had to leave their ladies at home for quite some time. They could only “meet” each other through handwritten letters. That was decades ago. Today, some lovers are already separated when they meet – thanks to the […]

The Most Brilliant Russian Women of All Time

In the history of Russia, women were never on the sidelines. They ruled, led political games, contributed to the scientific and spiritual life – all these are women who at different times became the heroines of not only Russian but also world history. Here are the most brilliant Russian women of all time. 1. Princess […]

3 Forbidden Rules For Makeup Style in Russia

It is widely known that Russian women love makeup. They will never leave the house without any makeup on. Many people even say that this is a thing that makes them can spot a Russian woman whenever they go. Their concern about how they look – the cosmetics they use and the clothes they wear […]

4 Best Russians Makeup Style In 2019

Many people, especially women, have a lot of beauty routine -putting face masker twice a week, covering their hairs with hair cream bath, or applying face cream in the morning and at night. They do it all as a way to take care of themselves. Applying makeup is also a part of the beauty routine. […]

5 Magnificent Books about Russian Heroine

Many people bemoan that there are no strong, realistic female characters in any literature. Don’t you feel astounded? Not that we are surprised that there is a large number of books in which females are solely there to seduce, be silly, or be saved; you must have definitely seen your fair share of that at […]

7 Everlasting Hairstyles of Russian Women That Are Still Popular

Trend in style will always change whether it’s fashion, hairdo, or makeup. There are a lot of things that influence what’s hot and what’s not in style, and it differs too from one place to the other in the world. Long time ago, when the internet was still nonexistent, people looked up to the movie […]

10 Most Favorite Lipstick Brands of Russian Women

When it comes to beautiful women, there is no doubt that Russia is famous with them. The nation has become the motherland to world-class supermodels and beauty icons that the women around the globe curious about the beauty secrets of. Like the saying goes, some were born with the beauty, some put the makeup on. […]

9 Ways to Make Your Skin Lighter Like Russian Women

Again and again, Russian women are the most beautiful woman in the world. They have a good body shape, great hair and of course a smooth, light skin. They have such a fair skin that makes any woman in the world envious about. Russian usually only use natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia, but […]