6 Brilliant Beauty Tips of Applying Vodka to Your Face

No, you don’t misread the title. Vodka, the popular alcohol beverage can help you achieve the dream of having perfect skin. But no, it doesn’t mean to achieve it by drunken in vodka. Applying vodka to your face is something uncommon but it really has surprising benefits. The very first vodka was made in Russia, […]

6 Secret Benefits of Russian Vodka for Hair Care

One of the most popular alcohol beverages that’s originated from Russia is vodka. This beverage has been part of social life especially in Europe, Russia, and U.S. Vodka is favored because of its neutral taste and can be mixed with fruit juices like orange and tomato. Traditionally, it’s fermented from potatoes, but currently, it can […]

How to Get a Driving license in Russia for Foreigners

Are you planning to live in Russia? Do you need to use private transportations for your activities there? Then one of the most important things you have to concern about is driving license. Driving license is an official declaration that stated you are eligible to drive on roads. Every country has its own policy on […]

What Russian eat for their daily breakfast? Here are the answers

It’s a popular belief that breakfast is the most important meal in a day. Scientists say breakfast prepares the human body to do activities after a long “fast” in the night. Even some studies linked breakfast to higher scores in school and better performance in work. Furthermore, breakfast is also linked to a habit of […]

5 Facts You Need to Know about Russian Drivers

Russia actually doesn’t have a good reputation for its drivers and traffic conditions. We can easily find short videos on Youtube of unbelievable traffic accidents in Russia, from cars’ collisions until the fight between drivers. In 2010, the statistics showed that more than 2000 people killed in traffic accidents. The good news is, Russian governance […]

Don’t be afraid! Here are 4 Reasons Why You Must Live in Russia

Along with rapid communication technology development nowadays, it’s easy to get any information about a particular country. However, we can get the wrong ideas from how the media portrays it along with any political agendas. Massive media exposure can shape our minds on how nice or bad a country is without giving a wider point […]