5 Surprising facts of Caspian Sea, Russia

caspian seaRussia is circle by sea. Do you want to know about Russia more? On the whole area which are east,west,north,and south is sea. Let us add your knowledge more about Russia’s sea. We would like to give you a brief explanation about all of Russia’s sea. But for now, Lets start with Caspian sea.

Have you heard about Caspian sea? Are  you often heard it? Caspian sea have an incredible facts that you do not know before! Well, we want to introduce to you about 5 Surprising facts of Caspian Sea, Russia. Enjoy scrolling!

1. Location

Caspian Sea located between Asia and Europe continental. Because of its located Caspian sea get the award of  World’s Largest inland body of water which is surface 371.000 square kilometers. What an amazing ! Caspian Sea is bordered by another countries both Asia and Europe continental which are:

  • Russia (Kalmykia,Dagestan,Astrakhan Oblast)
  • Republic of Azerbaijan (Golestan,Guilan, and Mazandaran Province)
  • Iran,
  • Turkmenistan, on the eastern Turkmens shore is biggest embayment, The Kara Bogaz Sol.
  • Kazakhstan, and
  • The central Asia steppes to the north and east.

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2. Another name

Caspian sea have another name before it name Caspian.  Caspian has so many name before. Lets scroll more to know more another name of Caspian Sea.

The name before such as

  • Mazandaran Sea,
  • Khazar Sea,
  • Kvalissian Sea.
  • In ancient time it was called the Hyrcanian Ocean.

Those all name above are name before Caspian Sea because of one reason, which is Caspian Sea that connected to the Sea of Azov by the Manych Canal. 

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3. Resources

As another sea in Russia, Caspian Sea have gas and oil field which that so rich and potential. Gas and oil field here was explore by many countries that bordered by.

But, this energy could bring other countries fight because of the Territorial Area. Because of Caspian Sea is bordered by Asia and Europe countries, this resources could bring war to the bordered countries.

Three from five countries that bordered by Caspian Sea, which are Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan has signed the petition. Petition is all about area of Caspian sea that would be explore by the three countries. They are explore gas and oil field from 64% northern area of Caspian Sea. What about the two other countries? Iran and Turkmenistan development is likey to stall. 

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4. Caspian Sea Characteristic

What did you expect about the characteristic of Caspian sea? Is it freeze like another sea? NO. it is not. Caspian sea both have characteristic of sea and lakes. Caspian sea often list as a largest lake in the world, even though it is not a freshwater lake.

Caspian Sea has flow water from the Volga River almost 80% from it, and the rest is by the Ural River discharge. The fact is there is no outflow water! Can you imagine that? There is no outflow water, only inflow water from both Volga and Ural river. WOW!

What about the ecosystem in Caspian Sea? Well, the ecosystem in Caspian Sea is closed to a basin, with its own sea level history that touch the estatic level of world ocean.

5. Caspian sea as a landlocked

Well, many researcher says that Caspian sea being landlocked more than 5 million years ago. The level of Caspian sea is fallen and risen over centuries. in 2004, the water level is at -28 meters or 28 meters below sea level.

Thus Caspian sea relate to the atmosphere conditions level of North Atlantic thousand miles of west and north. These factor could make Caspian Sea for a place to study more about global climate change. 

Which facts that surprise you the most? These surprising facts had done add more knowledge about Russia for you. Russia have these Caspian sea that have a rich potential both gas and oil field. Now, you could change your mind about Russia. What do you think if you heard about Russia? is that Nuclear that come first on your mind? Or Putin as a president of Russia? Just it ? Then, after you read this article, now you know more about Russia. There is not only nuclear and Putin in Russia. There are more about Russia that you should have know. The nature that Russia have will definitely blow your mind! You should visit Russia as soon as possible.

Well, that is a brief explanation about Caspian sea. Hope this article would add your knowledge more about Russia. There are so many things in Russia you should have known.

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