What To Wear In Moscow In December

When you are going on holiday to Moscow in December, you would not regret it. The weather will be extremely cold but it will be worth the beautiful view of the historical city. As Russia’s capital city, Moscow looks very pretty when the snow starts to fall. You can imagine how great the sight is of the Saint Basil’s Cathedral rooftops layered with icy frost.

Some people will stay in warm places when the winter begins. But, people in Moscow know very well on how to enjoy the weather. They will embrace the winter season by wearing their winter fur coats and ushanka (Russia’s traditional hats with earflaps). Once they put on their warmest clothes, they will start going around the city – shopping at the market, dining at the restaurant, and attending the opera.

Winter should not be a reason for you not to come to Moscow. Why? Because there are many things to do during winter with less crowded visitors and much beautiful sight! The food is warmer and many cultural events being held everywhere.

Now that you are convinced to come to Moscow during winter, first thing first, you have to make sure you are wearing the right clothing. Here is what to wear in Moscow in December.

Warm Winter Clothes For Travelling In Moscow

The first thing you have to make sure when you are in Moscow in December is to wear the warmest clothes you have. You can still feel warm and fashionable during the winter if you follow these tips.

  • For Women

When you are in Moscow during winter which is in December, you will find that many women still look very stylish. The most important thing to remember is to always wear your fur coat. In Russia, fur is very common to wear in every clothing. So make sure after you are wearing all the layers, keep your body warm with the fur coat.

If you are going to do many outdoor activities, make sure that beneath all of the layers, you put on long thermal underwear first.

Under the coat, make sure to use the light-wool material long-sleeved shirt or sweater. Light wool can naturally keep your body warm. Another good side of it is the material can breathe easily. So no matter how long you wear it, it will not retain the odor.

Last but not least, during the wintertime, you will see many places are covered with slippery icing. This thing is the cause of many slipping accidents. To make sure this does not happen to you, make sure to wear really good boots with soft rubber soles. It is important to choose the soft sole ones and not the medium ones. Why? Because the medium soles will get hard in the freezing weather of December. You also have to make sure that there spaces between the tracks so there is no room for the snow to get stuck in them and cause slippery.

  • For Men

Just like women, men can also be fashionable during wintertime. The most stylish one is to keep the casual look. Wear your thick jeans. You can choose either a dark or bright color. No need to worry if you wear the bright ones because it will only make you stand out among the crowds.

You also have to wear furry coats. For Russians, either men or women, it is very common to wear fur. It is relatively cheap so you do not need to worry that you will spend so much on your winter clothing.

If you are planning to walk a lot, maybe you want to go from one attraction to another, make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes. You can easily find leather shoes so they will be waterproof and warm enough for your feet. For the extra warmth, put on your socks first. Another important thing if you are going to spend more time outdoor then indoor is to wear long thermal underwear. It will help you to survive the freezing weather of December.

For both men and women, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself some extra warmth. You can wear your beanies and leather gloves. Put on your earmuffs and scarf as well, that way, they will be less uncovered part of your body.

Now that you know what to wear in Moscow in December, you can start to plan your vacation to Moscow. Remember to pack and wear all those important winter clothes!