The Unique Things of Winter Season Philosophy According to Russian View

When you go to the 4-season countries, you will have the experience of enjoying four different kinds of weather. In general, it is divided into two types of weather, cold and warm. Many people from those 4-season countries like warm or hot weather. That is why during winter, they usually will “move” to another place […]

Stay Happily In The Gloomy Legend Uglich, Russia

When we talk about visiting Russia, the first city that might come to mind is Moscow. As the capital city of Russia, there are many sites you can come to and many places you can be amazed by. Among many of its attractions, the first thing you have to visit is Red Square, the heart […]

What Is The History Behind Russian Revival Architecture

When we travel to other countries or cities and go sight-seeing, we will see many things that give that particular place a certain characteristic. For example, when you go to New York, you will see tall buildings all over the city. The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre, and Time Square are only a few treasures […]

Breathtaking History of Metro Stations in Moscow

Russian culture and masterpiece monuments attract many tourists. Moreover, Many visit the Russian capital and enjoy the Russian atmosphere. There are many things you can do in Moscow. You can sightsee though outstanding famous places in Moscow, from the majestic St. Basil’s Cathedral, the famous Kremlin to the busy and crowded Red Square. Moscow holds many […]

7 Facts about football in Russia (Football Lovers Must Know)

Before World Cup , Have you ever know about history of football in Russia ? This country is in hot-list in 2018 for hosting the FIFA World Cup 2018. We will take you to the story of the Russian football. Russia is well known for its Kremlin, beautiful Saints Petersburg, and the Mr.Vladimir Putin, one of […]

5 History of Football in Russia that worth to know

The Russia World Cup 2018 was finished. France won the title of the champions and made additional one star at their badge, a symbol of winning the world cup. Talking about the host, Russia has a great story of the football in their country. Great story doesn’t mean everythings was good at the past. They […]

5 Facts of the Oldest Football Club In Russia

Every football club have their own history . And so for Russia. There a lots of club who played in Russia and play for different league. From lower to top tier club, they compete each other to bring the glory for the fans and the club. The one is really bright , the others look […]

A Guide of Important History of Don River, Russia

Don River, is one of the largest rivers of Russia. It is also known as the 5th longest river in Europe. Based on the history of Russia, Don River has been known as the vital artery since Peter 1 the Great. Peter 1 the Great is the one who started the hydrographic survey of its […]

6 Facts of Winter Palace and Russian revolution

No one can spare winter palace from ruin. We have previously informed that the palace received restoration. Thus, there surely be something that urges it. The urgency that urges government to restore winter palace does not come from the fact that it was already old. Nor the fact that it received some impacts of disasters. […]

9 Interesting Facts of Winter Palace in Russia

If you have not known it yet, Winter Palace is an integral part of Catherine Palace. Catherine Palace itself is located in the city of Pushkin, near Saint Petersburg, Rusia. The city once called as city as Tsarskoye Selo or the Tsars’ village. Introduction Peter the Great built Catherine palace for his wife in 1717. The […]