Discern The Cultural Diversity In Ulan-Ude

There are many things you can experience during your visit or vacation to Russia. If you like to taste Russia’s cuisine, there are many restaurants to pick from when you are in Moscow. If you want to enjoy your meal while surrounded by the 19th-century aristocrat’s house, you must visit Café Pushkin. This very popular […]

3 Russian Food Cultures That Should Be Considered When You Go There

There are many things we can learn by learning or traveling to a certain country. We can learn about its culture and history by visiting museums or historical buildings. We can also learn by observing the people habit. Understanding other countries culture is an important thing. That way, we know how to act appropriately when […]

How to get along faster with Russian in Moscow

Russia is the largest country in the world. It extends from eastern Europe to northern  Asia, while 77% of area located in Europe mostly became the center of government and important administration office; as Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the rest 23% of area is mainly about natural resources which also very important to the […]

8 Things You Should Never Do On a Date with Russian Men

Having a relationship with your ideal type will give a hype feeling like a dream come true. Especially when you can finally find your lover after such a long waiting and struggling. You must feel that he is the right one, the one who can comfort you, protect and be your everything. When your right […]

4 Topics You Must Not Bring Up In Front Of Russian

Every society in a country must have a different mindset than people in other countries. Examples such as culture between western society and eastern society must be very different. Especially in terms of lifestyle. There are some things that are considered appropriate and some things that are not appropriate to do. And this difference must […]

7 Things Never Say To Russian People

Studying the culture of a country is important if you want to visit the country. In addition to finding out about interesting places, you also have to study the nature and character of the people of a country. Russia is a special country. The character of the Russians are different from other Europeans even though […]

Neighborhood In Russia That Will Attract Foreigners To Live There

Visiting Russia is probably a normal thing. But have you ever thought of living in this snowy country? If you have not been interested in Russia, you must know the facts about Russia. In addition to the country with the largest region, Russia also has a large power in the world. Another interesting thing is […]

10 Best Selling Items in Russia That Worth to Buy

Have you ever wondered what Russian loves to buy? What are the products that can be separated into Russians daily life? Maybe you want to try some of the products as well. Or maybe you want to buy some to bring back to your country. Whatever your reason, we’ve listed 11 best selling items here […]

St. Petersburg fashion style that makes you curious to try

St. Petersburg, when you visit Russia this city will be your concern. St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city. The city is full of exotic buildings with extraordinary architecture. And people know St. Petersburg as a Russian fashion city. People in this city is very fashionable. They always perform well. The way they express themselves […]

6 Style Tricks You Must Copy From Russian Men

Every life style of Russian society is on a concern. As we have known before, the fashion style of Russian women is very attractive. Their style is the reference for many women in the world. Her beauty is the appearance that is always stunning at every opportunity. Likewise Russian men. Here we will discuss about 6 […]