Why Russian Women Prefer to Wear Stilettos?

Everyone knows that Russian women are beautiful and take fashion very seriously. It is not unusual that they dress up as if they were going to a gala dinner in the Kremlin, but in fact they just decided to drop by the shops. High heels are a clear favorite, so Russian women can be seen […]

The Odd Fashion of Russian Girls in 2019 (Not to Wear)

We are all different, but we have common needs. Clothing is one of them. It is one of the languages of communication and self-expression in the modern world. What are our requirements for it, such collections are created by designers. But why then the clothes from the catwalks look so strange? It turns out that […]

9 Amazing Facts of Russian Coat Design

Russian is known as one of the coldest countries in the world with the winter that is relatively longer than most regions with four seasons. This definitely affects the way people dress in Russia, because fashion is always more than just a style but also comfort. Fur coat has always been one of the most […]

Out Of Sports Brand Out There, Why Russians Love Adidas More?

There are so many clothing brands offering their style to their consumers. There are some brands popular for its elegant style, other brands attract people who love simple and classic design. You can also find brands specializing in providing sports attire and tools. Let’s take Nike for an example. Nike has a big brand of […]

Does Ushanka Can Be Worn By Everyone?

Many cultures around the world develop their own brand of headgear. The headgear may be used as mere clothing accessories, ceremonial artifact, or a form of protection from extreme weather. As one country that encompasses some of the coldest place on earth as well as some of the most fashionable residents worldwide, Russia also designs […]

10 Russian Etiquettes of Clothing

Dressing right is one of many ways to respect the people and country that host us when we come as a guest or visitor. Learning about the host’s culture and custom is how you would find out how to dress correctly for the occasion. Usually when people travel, they would only check the weather and […]

4 Gorgeous Designs of Russian Scarf 2019

Scarf is one of the most basic staple clothing accessories among Russians. Not only beautiful, it is also available in various sizes and material, from wool and fur to silk and cotton. Because of that, Russian scarf is known for its versatility, making it a suitable adornment for any occasion. Favored by locals, admired by […]

Interesting History of Russian Fashion throughout Time

Fashion bears meaning for a popular trend, specifically in styles of dress and jewelry or manners of behavior. However, there is so much more to fashion than meets the eye. The items of clothing we decided to wear are often times our best and tangible forms of personal expression. What we decide to wear shows […]

4 Russian Shawl For Warm And Beautiful Look In Winter

Russian shawl is one of a kind souvenir that tourists won’t miss when they come to Russia. But Russian shawls are more than mere souvenir. The use of shawl is deeply entrenched within Russian tradition. Many women in Russia choose shawl as their most favorite accessory, for the simple reason that it offers both comfort […]

8 Well-Known Russian Designers to Put on Your Radar

Fashion design is the art of application of style and aesthetics to apparels and accessories. We have all seen some serious improvement in terms of both men’s and women’s attire. Thanks to all those iconic fashion designers out there, for contributing their ability to exhibit the beauty of a man’s/woman’s body by way of stylish, […]