Find and Feel Your Finland-Like Winter Season in Kurortny District, St. Petersburg

Whoever said lasting twilight and cold wind should stop you from making some great memories are definitely funny in their heads. Quit shuddering, snatch your cap and gloves, and look at the best of what Kurortny District in St. Petersburg has on offer throughout the winter. In St. Petersburg, you have numerous alternatives where you […]

What Makes Your Winter Season in New Holland Island Coziest?

New Holland Island is a memorable artificial island in St. Petersburg, Russia, dating from the eighteenth century. Presently, under an engineer’s direction, development proceeds apace, changing it into a dynamic social center point. While Moscow has consistently trumpeted Gorky Park, St. Petersburg has never had a public, open, and available park-space. Yet, presently, at New […]

Visit These Places in St. Petersburg during December Holiday

Winter is going all out in St. Petersburg during the December holiday. Russian winters are famous around the globe for being chilly, dim, and blanketed, and the current year has unquestionably not baffled up until this point. Each Russian has revealed that this year is considerably colder than expected. While we may be shuddering more […]

Scariest Facts about Mikhailovsky Castle in St. Petersburg 

The Mikhailovsky Castle is both an excellent and unordinary structural wonder for St. Petersburg and was a quiet observer to some fascinating scenes with regards to the emotional story of the brief rule of Emperor Paul I, child of Catherine the Great. Catherine toppled her better half Peter III to access the Russian Imperial royal position and […]

Religious Symbols That Should be Visited in Petersburg

Do you have your own considerations when visiting a tourist spot? Have you ever visited a tourist site that still contains religious elements? There are many tourist attractions that are still associated with religion in all countries in the world. Usually, this place is visited by tourists who also want to enjoy the religious nuance […]

6 Best Things You Must Do in Peterhof Palace, Russia

Visiting a place, also means doing things in that place. Even if it’s a leisure time, no one would want to pay for travel cost just to do nothing there. People would usually find for attractions beforehand, listing places they want to visit and what are they going to do there. This is somehow the […]

St. Petersburg Summer Garden! Perfection And A Must

Summer is arguably the most-anticipated season for many Russians. After the long murky winter of Russia, it’s understandable if many long for the sun. Its warmth will melt the coldness away. Goodbye shivering, and here comes sun and fun. Summer is an important season. It’s no wonder that there are many festivals in Russia to […]

If You Can Live In Russia, Which Of These 3 Best Places Will You Choose?

Everybody wants to live in a place with a great quality of everything – great education system, great food, easy access to places, safe environment are just a few factors that people consider to choose a place to live at. Even now, we can also put something like country’s level of happiness, a factor that […]

9 Best Places to Enjoy and Celebrate White Night Festival in Russia

The White Night Festival in Russia is a morph of culture, arts, and music that provides you one of the richest experiences around. The night when Russian people celebrate White Night Festival, the streets of St. Petersburg, come alive with colorful carnivals and performances by several world’s most talented artists. It takes place during the […]

6 Wonderful Facts of White Night Festival in Russia

Every summer, a strange, natural phenomenon occurs in St Petersburg, Russia. From end of May to end of July, the city’s sky does not get dark, even during the night. It gives the citizens plenty of reason to celebrate. Due to such strange phenomenon, the White Night Festival began. For some people, it could be an […]